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Does an API deployment only involve developers?

By Tsahi Levent-Levi 08 Nov 2017

API development requires not only programmers and developers, but the business insight of legacy IT. Learn why employees with legacy backgrounds are vital to an API strategy. Read More

Container consulting: Channel can help deploy technology

By Paul Korzeniowski 08 Dec 2017

Channel partners may find new business opportunities in container consulting as customers grapple with container adoption and how to achieve competitive advantage. Read More

Configure a complete enterprise DaaS deployment

By Kelly M. Stewart 05 Dec 2017

There is a lot more than cost that goes into planning a DaaS deployment. Know the missteps to avoid and top vendors that will best fit an organization's needs. Read More

Work with the Kubernetes configuration to deploy containers

By Alan R. Earls 04 Oct 2017

Kubernetes deploys containers in scalable, logical and highly available configurations, which makes it a valuable addition to IT operations. Read More

What is the future of container deployment?

By Tom Nolle 26 Jul 2017

Container deployment continues to evolve with the help of VM models, microservices and DevOps. Learn how the container architecture can impact your business goals. Read More

Get serious about patch validation and deployment -- fast

By Tim Warner 27 Nov 2017

Zero-day exploits are more dangerous than ever, but so is applying an untested patch to live systems. Without a strategy to quickly validate patches -- outside of production -- you're playing with fire. Read More

Key choices in Docker container storage deployment

By Chris Evans 17 Nov 2017

Containers often need persistent storage, but how do you achieve that? We look at the key options, including Docker volumes versus bind mounts, and Docker Volume Plugins Read More

How can a hypervisor deployment avoid security risks?

By Judith Myerson 13 Nov 2017

A hypervisor deployment can put the security of an organization at risk, but there are ways to make it secure. Expert Judith Myerson outlines how to make the process safer. Read More

Don't get tongue-tied with VMware terms in VDI deployments

By Kelly M. Stewart 06 Nov 2017

Think you have what it takes to be considered a VMware VDI expert? Go up against our toughest VMware terminology test to claim the title every virtual desktop admin should have. Read More