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By Ed Tittel Get Started May 29, 2015

Grooming Windows images for deployment

When it comes to getting OS images ready to deploy in a Windows infrastructure, there are tools to use to get them ready. Continue Reading


By Matthew David Problem Solve Jun 11, 2015

Tips for enterprise mobile app deployment

How do we go about deploying our enterprise mobile apps to end users? Continue Reading


By Jake O'Donnell ,Robert Sheldon ,Colin Steele Get Started Jun 01, 2015

Simplify app management and deployment with MAM

Mobile application management, or MAM, has emerged as the leading technology to deliver and manage enterprise applications on workers' smartphones, tablets and other personal mobile devices. MAM also helps ensure ... Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan ,Alex Barrett Manage Mar 12, 2015

Deploying cloud storage resources

Resource control is essential for companies that are placing their faith in the cloud. For all of its potential organizational benefits, poor cloud adoption and resourcing issues can limit the cost efficiencies. ... Continue Reading


By Katherine Finnell Evaluate May 04, 2015

What are the barriers to deploying SIP trunks?

What are obstacles to SIP trunking? Gartner analyst Sorell Slaymaker explained at Enterprise Connect what barriers enterprises face deploying SIP trunks. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate Apr 29, 2015

Which container platform should my organization deploy?

Despite the buzz around Docker, it's not the only container platform. So how do I know which container technology is right for my organization? Continue Reading


By Jake O'Donnell News Jun 22, 2015

Apple, EMMs team up to deploy mobile apps for business

VMware's AirWatch and MobileIron will work with iOS to deploy secured business apps in a different way than Apple's IBM partnership. Continue Reading


By Adrian Lane Get Started Jun 18, 2015

Four enterprise scenarios for deploying database security tools

Expert Adrian Lane describes the use cases and ways database security tools are used to boost enterprise security. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Manage Jun 16, 2015

Examine the top Windows 10 deployment tools

With the general release of Windows 10 drawing near, admins can choose from a bevy of tools to help install the new OS. Continue Reading


By Colin Steele ,Robert Sheldon ,Matt Kosht Evaluate Jun 11, 2015

Build or buy? That is the mobile application deployment question

Bringing enterprise functionality to mobile devices is no easy task. Public application stores such as Apple's App Store or Google Play offer no shortage of business and productivity applications, as well as an ... Continue Reading