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Conversations: What's the best way to deploy VDI?

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By Dan Sullivan ,Alex Barrett Manage Mar 12, 2015

Deploying cloud storage resources

Resource control is essential for companies that are placing their faith in the cloud. For all of its potential organizational benefits, poor cloud adoption and resourcing issues can limit the cost efficiencies. ... Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Get Started Mar 25, 2015

What are the secrets to SIEM deployment success?

Many organizations deploy security information and event management systems without the proper planning and therefore can't reap the proper rewards. Expert Kevin Beaver offers tips for a successful implementation. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Mar 25, 2015

Three reasons to deploy security analytics software in the enterprise

Expert Dan Sullivan outlines three use case scenarios for security analytics tools and explains how they can benefit the enterprise. Continue Reading


By Alex Barrett Problem Solve Mar 17, 2015

Despite benefits, SaaS deployment isn't all smooth sailing

Deploying SaaS can drive major efficiency gains within an organization. But it also presents its fair share of challenges -- security being one of them. Continue Reading


By Michael Brandenburg Get Started Mar 11, 2015

Should you deploy SIP trunking or hosted telephony?

How do you decide between SIP trunking and hosted telephony? Expert Michael Brandenburg explains how organizations can determine if SIP trunking or hosted telephony can meet their needs. Continue Reading


By Chris Moyer Manage Mar 10, 2015

Performance testing tools spoil app deployment surprises

Pre-deployment testing is critical to maintain functionality. Developers can use AWS CloudWatch or other tools to measure KPIs and manage performance. Continue Reading


By Trevor Jones Manage Oct 15, 2014

Moving on from cloud deployment heartbreak

When it comes to cloud computing, there are no guarantees. Some cloud projects are destined to fail, but what matters is what you do to fix them. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Evaluate Feb 25, 2015

Three things to consider before deploying a next-generation firewall

Expert contributor Mike Villegas outlines the three factors to consider when making the decision to purchase and deploy a next-generation firewall. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Feb 25, 2015

Midokura upgrade provides OpenStack deployment bridge

Midokura has refreshed MidoNet with features that provide a bridge for VMware customers looking to move to OpenStack without using proprietary virtual networking technology. Continue Reading


By Andrew Reichman Evaluate Feb 24, 2015

What are some roadblocks to cloud-based DR deployment?

Cloud-based disaster recovery sounds almost too good to be true. What are some challenges to look out for? Continue Reading