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Using an office metaphor, a desktop is a computer display area that represents the kinds of objects one ...Read More

How to fit companion apps into the desktop workflow

By Robert Sheldon 17 Nov 2017

Organizations looking for increased work access should look at companion apps, which can integrate mobile flexibility with established desktop infrastructures. Read More

Fixing Black Win10 Desktop

By Ed Tittel 03 Nov 2017

Every now and then my Win10 desktop goes black. That means I've learned that fixing black Win10 Desktop is easy. Here's how. Read More

FAQ: Windows 10 virtual desktops

By Eddie Lockhart 18 Oct 2017

Whether or not to virtualize Windows 10 desktops is a big choice. Built-in features, such as Microsoft User Experience Virtualization and App-V, make it easier. Read More

Focus: Mobility, virtualisation and desktop

21 Aug 2017

CIOs are now accustomed to letting employees access company information on their mobile phones and tablets, and using these devices to carry out business-critical tasks on the go. But that wasn’t always the case. ... Read More

Customize desktops with application virtualization tools

By Tom Howarth 14 Sep 2017

With application virtualization tools, IT can deliver some of the customization users desire, even in nonpersistent VDI deployments. Read More

Targeted attacks make desktop browser security a must

By Tim Mangan 14 Nov 2017

IT can fight browser-based attacks by separating browsers from the OS itself. Get to know tools such as Citrix Secure Browser Service and Windows Defender Application Guard. Read More

When should IT use cloud-based desktop management?

By Brien Posey 09 Nov 2017

Desktop management was more straightforward before cloud computing came along. With cloud-based desktop management tools, organizations must choose wisely. Read More

Win10 Desktop Marketshare Nov17

By Ed Tittel 08 Nov 2017

In looking at Win10 Desktop Marketshare Nov17 I see two things: 1. Netmarketshare appears to under-report Win10 numbers, and 2. Win10 should pass Win7 very soon. Read More

Compare types of virtual desktop user experience monitoring

By Gabe Knuth 12 Oct 2017

When it comes to user experience monitoring for VDI, IT has a choice between an agent-based or a virtual user-based approach. Each one has its pros and cons. Read More