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Get Started Jun 24, 2015

Virtual desktop security guide

To secure virtual desktops, consider antivirus, certificates and network vulnerabilities. Just remember, VDI doesn't always increase desktop security. Continue Reading


By Brian Madden News Jun 16, 2015

Why it's time for locked-down desktops

Employees have mobile devices now, so they're not as tetchy about locked-down desktops at work. IT can finally reap the rewards of tightly-controlled desktops. Continue Reading


Jun 09, 2015

A guide to storage for desktop virtualisation

In this special report we explain the fundamentals of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) storage, and how to specify storage for workload in a VDI environment. Continue Reading


By Spencer Smith Manage May 12, 2015

How to sell desktop virtualization software

In this installment of Tech Buyer Snapshot, we offer tips to help you refine your client discussions around desktop virtualization software. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Problem Solve Jul 08, 2015

By Margaret Rouse Get Started Apr 30, 2015

Desktop virtualization vocabulary quiz

How much do you know about the essential terminology of desktop virtualization? Take our quiz to find out. Would you like to brush up first? See our Quick Start Glossary. Continue Reading


Get Started Jun 24, 2015

Guide to low-cost desktop virtualization

In this guide, learn to virtualize desktops without spending more than you would when deploying PCs, and what VDI vendors are doing to make virtual desktops an economical choice. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Get Started Jun 04, 2015

Density differences between server and desktop virtualization

Virtual desktops and virtual servers have a similar concept but act in different ways. Memory and OS are among the factors affecting each technology. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver ,Bridget Botelho ,Lisa Phifer Evaluate Jun 04, 2015

The desktop administrator's guide to mobile OSes

Microsoft's Windows operating system is still dominant on enterprise desktops, but the rise of mobile and cloud technologies has challenged workers' allegiance. Mobile operating systems, such as Apple iOS and ... Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jul 30, 2015

Windows 10: your desktop upgrade strategy

Microsoft says Windows 10 allows companies to bring the latest innovation to their existing PC fleet, but how good is the latest version of the operating system really? Continue Reading