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What ‘born in the cloud’ means for developers

By Adrian Bridgwater 07 Nov 2017

When it comes to building cloud-native apps, developers must code with an inherent appreciation for where processing, storage and analytics happens Read More

The ethics of software development

07 Nov 2017

In this week’s Computer Weekly, with big names such as Uber and Volkswagen being called out for using software to cheat the system, we look at professionalism and ethics in software development. We assess the ... Read More

Focus: Application Development

13 Oct 2017

This e-guide focuses on application virtualisation and how big companies are finding various ways to stop applications adversely affecting each other. Read More

Take the pain out of software developer hiring

By Valerie Silverthorne 04 Dec 2017

Hiring software developers is hard enough, but finding the right ones for the job is even harder. Here's what you need to consider to future-proof your development team. Read More

What to know about cloud-native application development

By Zachary Flower 27 Nov 2017

Developing an app should be about figuring out the what, where and why, not the how. Cloud-native app development combined with API-first development answers these questions. Read More

Developer-first chat tools from Pusher

By Adrian Bridgwater 21 Nov 2017

Pusher is a developer tools company that specialises in providing what it calls 'hosted building blocks' for programmers. The company has this month released Pusher Chatkit. This is a 'specialised' ... Read More

Does an API deployment only involve developers?

By Tsahi Levent-Levi 08 Nov 2017

API development requires not only programmers and developers, but the business insight of legacy IT. Learn why employees with legacy backgrounds are vital to an API strategy. Read More

Developers won't ask bosses for help

By Zach Emmanuel 06 Sep 2017

Software developers are turning to YouTube to find out how to solve technical problems, rather than asking for help from colleagues Read More

Who is responsible for software development and design?

By Jason Grant 26 Oct 2017

Can developers and designers ever meet in the middle? And if so, how can they speak the same language? Expert Jason Grant offers tried-and-true advice for making it work. Read More

DevOps development is a software developer's burden

By Cameron McKenzie 11 Jul 2017

The committed use of a continuous delivery pipeline inevitably puts a far greater onus on the software developer than systems that used more traditional methods of moving code into product. A ... Read More