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By Chris Tozzi Evaluate Nov 03, 2016

The benefits of container development with Docker

Development with Docker instances is popular among software development teams because it simplifies the process of building and shipping apps. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Get Started Jul 29, 2016

Mobile app development frameworks ease developer woes

Whether developers turn to mobile app development frameworks or platforms to build native, web or hybrid apps, the options are nearly endless. The trick is picking the right one. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Oct 20, 2016

How enterprise software development is changing

During Computer Weekly’s 50th anniversary event, we held a panel discussion at Skills Matter in London to look into how enterprise software is changing Continue Reading


By Joel Shore News Dec 09, 2016

Software-defined storage technology impacts application development

Migrating legacy applications to the cloud? Formation Data's Mark Lewis says software-defined storage may play a role in easing the process. And you just might save money, too. Continue Reading


By Cameron McKenzie Evaluate Dec 09, 2016

Reactive programming the key to scalable software development

As the demands of enterprise software change, software developers are finding reactive systems and reactive programming approaches to be most effective. Continue Reading


By Fred Churchville Problem Solve Dec 06, 2016

How transparent application checkpointing will impact developers

Developers have traditionally been required to write new checkpointing for individual programs. Professor Gene Cooperman explains how transparent checkpointing will change that. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Manage Dec 05, 2016

Things to consider before extending .NET cloud development

In order to ensure the supporting role of .NET in development and deployment either enforce .NET middleware use on all developments or adopt component integration strategy. Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Nov 30, 2016

HPE developer milestone: memory-driven computing architecture

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has reached what the firm thinks is a milestone for software application developers interested in cutting edge infrastructure, data-centric computing and software-defined ... Continue Reading


By George Lawton Nov 29, 2016

Conversational UI approaches pushing AI development forward

Find out about the latest AI conversational UI approaches available for developers today from Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM, and Facebook. Continue Reading


By Chris Moyer Evaluate Sep 27, 2016

AWS development tools shore up apps

AWS has a diverse customer base that deploys a breadth of apps. Certain methods such as IAM can help secure an app regardless of its content or target audience. Continue Reading