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Aug 10, 2005

Security and applications development

Security and applications development Continue Reading


Aug 10, 2005

Security in product development

Supporting security in product development life cycle Continue Reading


Problem solve Jun 25, 2003

Developing Bluetooth applications

A discussion of the development of applications using the Bluetooth protocols, some products that support that development, and what you can expect from such development. Continue Reading


Manage May 25, 2010

Agile development with XML

Agile development lets developers adapt to rapidly changing requirements. Agile development with XML presents new challenges. The XSpec project looks to meet these challenges. Continue Reading


By Mark Whitehorn Evaluate Jul 01, 2008

Software developer career growth

Learn how to maximize career growth as a software developer. Continue Reading


May 21, 2001

Microsoft lures Enterprise Developers

Microsoft has unveiled two enhanced versions of its Visual Studio development tools suite designed for the enterprise developer. Continue Reading


Sep 22, 2005

Added sparkle for developers

Adobe and Macromedia get competition in graphics development market Continue Reading


Evaluate Nov 10, 2004

IP telephony development tools

A look at some tools for developing IP telephony applications. Continue Reading


Jul 03, 2002

Microsoft boosts developer support

Microsoft is to boost its support for European developers with 24-hour technical support for MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network)... Continue Reading


Manage Jan 13, 2009

Developing open source software

The developers of the open source software development community are responsible for developing open source software. In this chapter, learn more about the open source development community, the type of people that... Continue Reading