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By Nick Martin Evaluate Dec 10, 2015

Differences between VMware container platforms

VMware now offers two container platforms, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Dec 10, 2015

What makes nonpersistent VDI security different?

It's hard for hackers to cause much long-term damage to a nonpersistent desktop, but good luck trying to audit and investigate security vulnerabilities on those desktops. Continue Reading


By Trevor Jones News Feb 08, 2016

CoreOS brings different approach to container security

Container security is central to CoreOS' first production release of container runtime rkt, which it sees as better suited than Docker for large-scale deployments. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Sep 29, 2015

Containers vs. VMs: What's the difference?

Containers have rapidly come into focus as an option for deploying applications, but they have limitations and are fundamentally different from VMs. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Evaluate Sep 22, 2015

What's the difference between a VM clone and a template?

Creating virtual machine templates and clones are quick-and-easy ways to deploy multiple VMs, but for your VDI environment to thrive, you should know the best use cases for each method. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Evaluate Jan 26, 2016

Is the FedRAMP certification making a difference?

There was speculation in the security world over whether the FedRAMP certification would be helpful or not. Now that it's in full use, Mike Chapple looks at the state of FedRAMP. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Problem Solve Dec 30, 2015

Yes, Virginia: A Clean Install Still Makes a Difference!

A switch from HDD to SSD and a clean install of Windows 10 gives a three-year old T530 Lenovo laptop a new lease on life and productivity. Continue Reading


By David Turbide Manage Dec 14, 2015

How does eKanban differ from traditional Kanban?

With its basis in physical cues, the traditional Kanban system has been limited by lag time in passing along information. Electronic Kanban is a different story. Continue Reading


By Darien Hirotsu Evaluate Jul 13, 2015

NFV vs. VNF: What's the difference?

NFV versus VNF: SDN engineer Darien Hirotsu explains the differences between network functions virtualization and virtual network functions. Continue Reading


By Brian Kirsch Get Started Jul 13, 2015

What's the difference between SDS and storage virtualization?

With more technologies available to abstract the storage layer, do you know the difference between storage virtualization and software-defined storage? Continue Reading