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By Gerie Owen Evaluate Feb 05, 2016

Needs analysis determines QA and testing software direction

Performing a needs analysis and identifying pain points, methodologies and vision for the future can help you determine which QA and testing software fits your enterprise. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Get Started Nov 30, 2015

A first look at Storage Spaces Direct

Storage Spaces Direct pools server storage to build failover clusters without using cluster shared volumes, making it an inexpensive storage option. Continue Reading


By Nirmal Sharma Evaluate Jan 28, 2016

How do I enable and use PowerShell Direct?

The Windows Server 2016 PowerShell Direct feature solves common management problems by eliminating the need for network connection or security policy modification when executing PowerShell commands. Continue Reading


By Marc Staimer Evaluate Dec 29, 2015

Why attach NAND flash storage directly to the memory channel?

Why would you attach NAND flash storage directly to the memory channel? Isn't RAM much faster than NAND? Marc Staimer discusses this and more in this Expert Answer. Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly Nov 24, 2015

Equinix rolls out AWS Direct Connect in Slough datacentre

Datacentre provider launches private internet connection to Amazon Web Services to help customers build hybrid clouds Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Nov 20, 2015

What are key features in Storage Spaces Direct?

Storage Spaces Direct is Microsoft's enhanced software-defined storage feature in Windows Server 2016 to make highly available server storage clusters. Continue Reading


By Brad Irby Manage Oct 22, 2015

How do I query data directly from an API?

Making data available from the Web via an API may be simpler than you think. Brad Irby shows you how to query data directly from an API with Excel. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Sep 14, 2015

Console eases direct connection from data center to cloud

Interconnect vendor IIX said its new Console business simplifies the process of making a direct connection between data centers and cloud providers. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Dec 04, 2015

How does Azure ExpressRoute make a direct connection to the cloud?

Microsoft offers a way for organizations to connect directly to Azure data centers through one of three connection methods. Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Nov 17, 2015

DataDirect Networks jumps into all-flash market with IME14K

DataDirect Networks IME14K all-flash array runs Infinite Memory Engine accelerator software to create a data-aware tier that writes to fast SSD cache and reorders I/O as it moves to storage. Continue Reading