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By Jo Maitland Sep 10, 2004

What is HDS' strategic direction?

What is HDS' strategic direction? Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jun 05, 2002

Direct Excel Upload

Upload data directly from Excel sheets! Continue Reading


Aug 15, 2002

Direct sale boost for Cornhill

Cornhill Direct Insurance, which offers personal insurance products and life cover, is improving its ability to sell direct to... Continue Reading


Evaluate Jun 13, 2006

Compiler directives -- reap the benefits

Paul Tuohey shares the way he uses compiler directives in his programs. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jun 21, 2000

Hyundai dealers to order direct

Hyundai implements enterprise application for dealers to order cars directly from the market Continue Reading


Mar 24, 2003

Buying direct - The real costs

Buying direct is quicker and cheaper than buying through the channel if certain vendor statements are to be believed, but now... Continue Reading


Mar 17, 2003

Paying the price for buying direct

The myth that buying direct from manufacturers is cheaper than going through the channel has been exploded by research revealing... Continue Reading


Dec 20, 2001

Direct sales set to increase

Direct sales will increase next year as a result of tough trading conditions and the decline in hardware spending, reports... Continue Reading


Apr 26, 2000

The Electronic Signatures Directive under the spotlight

What is it? The Electronic Signatures Directive, adopted by the European Parliament in December 1999, establishes a legal framework for the use of... Continue Reading


Jan 24, 2001

Factoring service for direct contractors

The Labour Exchange, a new funding line for direct contractors was launched last month, offering freelancers the opportunity to... Continue Reading