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Equinix business exchange network offers direct connection

By Jennifer English 07 Dec 2017

Equinix introduced a service that uses its business exchange network to directly connect customers through a single portal. Also, VeloCloud adds VeloCloud Edge to AWS Marketplace. Read More

Explore the newfound direction of VMware cloud services

21 Nov 2017

VMware has distanced itself from developing public cloud offerings, instead focusing on hybrid and multi-cloud platforms and partnerships that bring its SDDC to the cloud. Read More

Why direct device interaction is important for the success of IoT

By Uday Davuluru 15 Dec 2017

The internet of things needs direct device interactions, says Uday Davuluru of Lemonbeat GmbH, or it faces complexity, high costs and user dissatisfaction. Read More

Direct sales staff hiring woes give the channel a boost

By Simon Quicke 13 Dec 2017

Getting good direct sales staff is becoming an increasing problem giving the channel a chance to step in and offer an alternative Read More

Oracle Universal Credits another shot directed at AWS

By Adam Hughes 21 Sep 2017

From 'Bring Your Own License' to Universal Credits, are the recent changes Oracle made to its cloud pricing model enough to compete with AWS? Read More

The NIS Directive: the implications for UK technology businesses

By Simon Shooter 29 Aug 2017

With the European Union NIS Directive to be implemented into UK law in May 2018, it is important for technology companies to ascertain if and how they will be affected Read More

AWS Direct Connect updates help globe-spanning users

By Trevor Jones 09 Nov 2017

Improvements to AWS Direct Connect link VPCs in multiple regions, keep traffic within AWS' network and reduce administrative work to manage these secure connections to the cloud. Read More

Advancements already push the future of HCI in surprising directions

20 Jul 2017

With a technology as new as hyper-converged infrastructure, it seems odd to be talking about the likelihood of significant changes in its development. Still, the future of HCI is beginning to take shape in ways ... Read More

Going direct will not provide the complete solution

By Billy MacInnes 30 May 2017

Buying directly from the vendor might sound like an attractive idea but it is unlikely to provide the end result customers are looking for, argues Billy MacInnes Read More

NIS Directive plans show UK is serious about tackling cyber threats

By Warwick Ashford 08 Aug 2017

UK government plans to implement the EU’s Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive have been welcomed for assuring its commitment to cyber defence post-Brexit Read More