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By Valerie Silverthorne Evaluate Jul 28, 2016

Looking for direction at Agile 2016

“To some extent Agile isn’t a solved problem.” “Agile needs to freaking grow up.” “We need to stop calling it Agile.” “We need to stop saying Agile makes it easy to go faster.” “Agile got us going, ... Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jun 17, 2016

Oracle investing in Direct operation

Oracle's CEO has revealed that the firm has been investing heavily in its Direct operation Continue Reading


By Brien Posey ,Arun Taneja ,Randy Kerns Evaluate Sep 21, 2016

Direct backup changes rules, cost of backup

Flat backup, also known as direct backup, is a backup approach based on storage snapshots, and it's gaining popularity.

It allows users to copy data directly from primary storage to secondary storage without ... Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Nov 09, 2016

DataDirect Networks expands Lustre file system storage, IME buffer

DDN Lustre file storage adds multi-level security to Lustre, and it announced IME240 NVMe flash is available on 2U commodity hardware or as software-only. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart News Nov 07, 2016

2017 predictions: PCs push mobile market in new directions

For years it seemed like mobile devices would dictate the future of IT. Mobility is certainly a huge part of what's next, but it may not be the real trailblazer. "For the most part the mobile ... Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Oct 13, 2016

Microsoft Storage Spaces takes 'Direct' aim at storage clusters

Windows Server 2016 release makes Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct available to data centers. Highlights include heightened data reduction, HCI, replication and tiering. Continue Reading


By Randy Kerns Get Started Jul 20, 2016

Implementing direct backup technology for better data protection

Direct and flat backups are part of a recent change in the data protection model. Explore the issues associated with the technologies and which products are implementing them. Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche News Jul 19, 2016

Application operations directives from the front lines of IT

Legacy app maintenance doesn't end when new apps join the fold. IT pros share how they organize and execute application operations. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton News Oct 04, 2016

Can the EC telecoms directive make it into UK law before Brexit?

Last month, European Commission (EC) president Jean-Claude Juncker laid out three key objectives for a new telecoms framework, to be met by 2025. These are: to give schools, universities, research ... Continue Reading


By Alissa Irei News Sep 26, 2016

Data-center-to-cloud, direct-connection platform wins innovation award

The Console networking platform bypasses the public internet to offer subscribers on-demand, one-to-one connections with cloud providers and other partners. Continue Reading