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directory: A directory is, in general, an approach to organizing information, the most familiar example being a ...

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Manage Sep 24, 2001

Extended directory as a mobile directory

Extended directory works great as a mobile directory! Continue Reading


Manage Apr 08, 2004

Migrating from a distributed directory to a central directory

Karen Fishwick gives an overview of the new central directory architecture in ND6 and how to migrate from a distributed directory. Continue Reading


Get Started Aug 25, 2004

Directory administration for Windows Active Directory

This excerpt from "The administrator shortcut guide to Active Directory security" includes guidelines to keep in mind when considering directory administration security. Continue Reading


By John Brandt Problem Solve Sep 26, 2003

Binding directories

How many methods are there to bind a directory to a program on the AS/400? Continue Reading


Apr 10, 2000

The next directory

Awareness of the value proposition derived from directory services (DS) technology has been growing steadily over the last six... Continue Reading


Manage Jul 30, 2004

Working with the environment directory in .NET

Some of the gotchas to look for when working with directories. Continue Reading


Problem Solve May 22, 2001

Installing Active Directory

Installing Active Directory Continue Reading


Problem Solve Oct 08, 2003

List IFS directory

Learn how to process the contents of an IFS directory. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jun 10, 2004

Change the default directory

Change your default directory to one of your choice. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Oct 09, 2006

Where is directory in database?

I have created a directory as below but I want know where the directory is stored in the database. Continue Reading