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By Ed Tittel Problem Solve May 20, 2016

Volsnap Error Signals Failing Disk

Repeated dings from my production PC let me know something weird was up USB-wise, and quickly led to a volsnap error in Event Viewer. Time for a new drive! Continue Reading


Manage Jul 06, 2016

Using Diskpart to create, extend or delete a disk partition

Diskpart is a disk management tool designed to create, delete and resize hard drive partitions, and assign or reassign drive letters in Windows client and server operating systems. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Problem Solve Mar 11, 2016

GPT Disk Layout Matters for NVMe

When it comes to optimizing boot speed for an NVMe SSD, GPT disk layout for Windows 10 is essential. Continue Reading


By Sonia Lelii News Jul 20, 2016

Seagate brings back Barracuda with new 10TB hard disk drives

Seagate resurrected the BarraCuda brand name with its latest lineup of 10 TB hard disk drives. The high-capacity drives, unofficially called the Guardian series, include the BarraCuda computer hard ... Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Get Started May 02, 2016

How to use Citrix AppDisk for application layering

With Citrix AppDisk, XenApp and XenDesktop customers have another tool for delivering virtualized applications to users. IT administrators might also be able to reduce the amount of time they spend managing base ... Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Jul 07, 2016

Android full-disk encryption is flawed enough for government work

Vulnerabilities on devices with Qualcomm chipsets can allow Android full-disk encryption to be bypassed by malicious actors or law enforcement. Continue Reading


By Carl Setterlund News Apr 20, 2016


By Ed Tittel Manage Apr 20, 2016

See All Disk Cleanup Options in Win10

Disk Cleanup usually displays options based on what's on a target disk; I show how to see all Disk Cleanup options via the command line. Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Apr 15, 2016

SanDisk InfiniFlash gets speed bump

SanDisk's InfiniFlash System IF150 replaces the IF100 base hardware building block. The company also released its IF550 upgrade for OpenStack and Ceph storage. Continue Reading


By Stuart Burns Get Started Mar 18, 2016

Using shared disks to set up virtual clusters in ESXi

Thanks to some expert advice, we've come up with some best practices for building a Red Hat-based Linux cluster in an ESXi environment. Continue Reading