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Problem solve Jun 25, 2001


Find out how a DMZ protects your network with this WhatIs definition. Continue Reading


Problem solve Apr 17, 2001


Problem solve Mar 04, 2002

Implementation of OWA server in DMZ

Configuration tips for implementing a Windows 2000 OWA Server in DMZ. Continue Reading


By Jonathan Hassell Problem solve Sep 13, 2005

Single-firewall DMZ or dual-firewall DMZ? What's it gonna be?

Is a dual-firewall DMZ worth its expense? This article examines the tradeoffs of a single-firewall vs. a dual-firewall DMZ. Continue Reading


By Anand Sastry Problem solve Jun 02, 2010

Secure DMZ Web server setup advice

Network security expert Anand Sastry describes how to ensure a secure DMZ Web server setup involving network attached storage (NAS). Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Manage Jul 09, 2006

How to configure and implement a DMZ

Learn how to design and configure a DMZ in this network security Ask the Expert Q&A. Continue Reading


By TechTarget Community Problem solve Mar 15, 2006

Designing a DMZ and using iptables

Our editors posted a question on ITKnowledge Exchange to help out "Ruhi" plan for a DMZ using iptables, and fellow techies jumped in to help out, providing excellent advice for DMZ design. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Problem solve May 15, 2009

How to set up a DMZ

Looking to set up a DMZ? Look no further. In this expert response, Mike Chapple explains the steps to creating a demilitarized zone. Continue Reading


By Dejan Lukan Manage Aug 13, 2014

Virtual DMZ security in the cloud

Virtual DMZ cloud configurations require specific security tactics. Expert Dejan Lukan looks at the different types of virtual DMZs and how they differ from physical DMZs. Continue Reading


By Greg Shields Problem solve Jul 21, 2011

DMZ setup: Ditching virtual machines for Platform as a Service

Using Platform as a Service to host DMZ workloads brings cloud computing benefits to your DMZ setup. It’s easier to scale and less complex to build. Continue Reading