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domain: In general, a domain is an area of control or a sphere of knowledge.

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Evaluate Nov 29, 2016

DNS Security: Defending the Domain Name System

In this excerpt from chapter two of DNS Security: Defending the Domain Name System, authors Allan Liska and Geoffrey Stowe discuss why DNS security is important. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Oct 07, 2016

Expired domains present an opportunity for malicious activity

Security researchers said expired domains and abandoned SDKs could present a way to hide malicious activity targeting vulnerable mobile devices. Continue Reading


Jan 14, 2016

Online domain maturity

Analysts Bob Tarzey and Clive Longbottom explain how organisations can provide a top-rate online experience for their customers. Continue Reading


By Shon Harris Get Started Jun 29, 2016

CISSP online training: Software Development Security domain

Spotlight article: Shon Harris explains the core concepts in the CISSP domain on software development security, including models, methods, database systems and security threats. Continue Reading


By Eamon McCarthy Earls News Apr 06, 2016

U.S. hosts 72% of compromised DNS domains

This week, networking bloggers examine why the United States has so many compromised DNS domains, architecting for things and Brocade's acquisition plans. Continue Reading


By Beverley Head Apr 25, 2016

Australia pledges A$230m to prevent a ‘lawless’ cyber domain

Australia's latest cyber security strategy will see the appointment of a cyber ambassador, charged with liaising with other nations Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Dec 14, 2015

Hundreds of European banks apply for .bank domain

Over 500 European banks have applied for the .bank domain name, as part of their defences against cyber crime Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Apr 05, 2016

EMC launches DD VE, virtual edition of Data Domain

EMC unveils the virtual edition of its Data Domain disk library, DD VE, allowing the Data Domain operating system to run inside a VMware hypervisor and back up to any hardware. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Mar 23, 2016

Malicious domain name service infrastructure rebounds to near-record levels

Infoblox calls for the US, Germany and other sources of malicious domain name service (DNS) infrastructure to improve processes for removing the threat Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Problem Solve Sep 22, 2015

What is domain shadowing and how can enterprises defend against it?

Exploit kits and malware attacks have adopted a technique called domain shadowing to stay ahead of the game. Learn what domain shadowing is and how to defend against attacks using it. Continue Reading