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By Mekhala Roy News Sep 16, 2016

Where are self-driving cars headed?

This week, Uber rolled out self-driving vehicles in Pittsburgh. In Searchlight, Senior Executive Editor Linda Tucci talks with industry experts to find out what implications it will have on the ... Continue Reading


By Ai Lei Tao Aug 25, 2016

Forum to drive cloud adoption in the Philippines

An online forum has been set-up in the Philippines to promote cloud take-up in the country Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran News Jun 15, 2016

Driving without hand signals

Samar is not having a good day today. Windows 10 has gone and upgraded his perfectly good laptop, and now it runs like an old yak. Samar doesn't get road rage, he's a calm and ever courteous driver ... Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Aug 12, 2016

Solid-state drives bulk up for capacity

SANTA CLARA, California -- Solid-state drives have been much faster than hard disk drives from the start, and now they’re dwarfing HDDs in capacity too. At Flash Memory Summit this week, Seagate ... Continue Reading


By Jan Stafford News Sep 20, 2016

JavaOne 2016: What's driving digital transformation?

Why is customers' rapid adoption of mobile devices and social media is spurring an increase in businesses' digital transformation. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Sep 13, 2016

HPE unveils partner programme improvements to drive growth

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has used its global partner conference as a venue to launch various improvements to its partner programme Continue Reading


By Rob Bamforth News Sep 12, 2016

Cellular rises as a driving force for SD-WAN adoption

There is no doubting the impact that software defined networking (SDN) is having in changing traditional approaches to connectivity. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the WAN with software ... Continue Reading


By Clive Longbottom Manage Sep 08, 2016

Drive efficiency through data center cable management, zoning

To increase the efficiency of your data center, proper cabling and zoning practices, as well as the right DCIM tools, are a must. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Manage Sep 06, 2016

Mobile app content must drive development goals

Mobile apps live or die by their data. An app's content must reflect the business workflow, support the app's purpose and simplify data access while being secure and user-friendly. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jun 30, 2016

Sophos applauds partners for driving growth

The security player has highlighted its growing global partner network as one of the key factors in its success Continue Reading