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Problem Solve Oct 24, 2000

Drive Mapping

This tip covers drive mapping in Visual Basic. Continue Reading


By Greg Robidoux Problem Solve Mar 23, 2007

Change tempdb from 'C' drive

Is it possible to change tempdb from the 'C' drive, to any other drives? Continue Reading


Problem Solve Sep 21, 2005

External disk drive no longer recognizes C: drive

After formatting his C: hard drive, an administrator reloaded the external hard drive he uses as backup. The external drive loaded as a device with a removable disk. Now he cannot get it to recognize his hard drive... Continue Reading


Problem Solve Mar 06, 2002

Optimizing drive performance in XP

Steps to make drives go faster. Continue Reading


By Serdar Yegulalp Problem Solve Aug 31, 2006

Decipher hard drive warning not to cover drive holes

Ever seen the warning "Do not cover any drive holes" on a hard drive? Here's what it really means. Continue Reading


Evaluate May 30, 2014

When hybrid drives make more sense than solid-state drives

Greg Schulz discusses why hybrid drives are a good compromise for users who want the functionality of solid-state drives without the cost. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Problem Solve Apr 14, 2009

How to move hard drives and transplant system drives between servers

Moving hard drives can be tricky; but it may be faster and more cost-effective than re-imaging. Learn how to remove hard drives and transplant system drives. Continue Reading


By Maria Anderson Problem Solve Feb 09, 2006

Moving database from C: drive to D: drive

I have Oracle 9.0.1 installed on a WIN2K server on the C: drive (ORACLE_HOME) and a database installed on the G: drive. How can I move the ORACLE_HOME from the C: drive to the D: drive and still retain the ... Continue Reading


Problem Solve Dec 12, 2005

Setting up ownership on drives

Find out how to set and change ownership settings on drives. Continue Reading


Oct 21, 2003

Troubleshooting drive detection problems

Learn what to do when you install a new hard drive into your desktop and it doesn't detect the drive. Continue Reading