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By Cliff Saran Oct 09, 2015

Three technologies to drive business

Emerging technologies such as 3D printers, the internet of things and APIs will deliver new business opportunities, and CIOs are in a position to drive forward these business strategies Continue Reading


By Jim O'Reilly Problem Solve Oct 26, 2015

How should I go about shipping hard drives?

Hard drives have a treacherous journey from data centers to archival storage. Shipping hard drives the right way ensures their safety. Continue Reading


Aug 13, 2015

Driving digital productivity in the UK

There is a need for British businesses to improve their adoption of digital technologies Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan Evaluate Nov 24, 2015

Medical technologist drives semantic data lake development

A pivotal magazine article helped medical doctor Parsa Mirhaji along a path to a semantic data lake for healthcare, using Hadoop, RDF, graph databases and more. Continue Reading


By David Nikel Sep 18, 2015

Technology drives patient power in Norway

A health authority in Norway is using technology to help patients understand their conditions and make better decisions Continue Reading


By Craig Mathias Nov 05, 2015

Connected car technology will drive business productivity

As more vehicles get Wi-Fi and self-driving capabilities, occupants will be able to do more on the go. Connected car technology has a promising future for business users. Continue Reading


By David Strom Evaluate Oct 22, 2015

What factors should drive your choice of SSO service?

OpenID or SAML? These are but two choices you need to make when setting up SSO service for your enterprise employees. Learn what factors are at play in this crucial access decision. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan News Oct 19, 2015

Big data applications to drive Walmart reboot

We may have outlived the era of killer apps in some part defined by Walmart, but Hadoop big data applications may help the giant's quest for more growth. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Oct 13, 2015

How easyJet uses digital to drive competitive advantage

The CIO and head of digital at easyJet tell Computer Weekly price is not the only way to gain competitive advantage in the airline industry Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Oct 02, 2015

Smart cars might not get off the drive without more security

Smart cars might be the ultimate IoT example but without more security who would feel safe behind the wheel? Time for the channel to talk about infrastructure, security and telecoms Continue Reading