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By Nick Lewis Problem Solve Jun 14, 2012

Prepare your enterprise network for the DSN Changer botnet takedown

Expert Nick Lewis details the DNS Changer botnet takedown and its impact on enterprise security. Learn how to search for DNS Changer on client machines. Continue Reading


By Mark Zelden Nov 10, 2008

Override a SYSIN DD DSN in the proc from the JCL?

Override the SYSIN DD Domain Name Source (DNS) in proc using the Job Control Language (JCL) this code syntax. Continue Reading


By Scott Noyes Problem Solve Sep 21, 2006

Connecting to ASP pages with or without DSN

MySQL expert Scott Noyes explains how to connect MySQL to ASP pages with or without DSN. Continue Reading


Manage Nov 01, 2000


By Andre Guirard Problem Solve Dec 16, 2004


Problem Solve Jan 31, 2002


Nov 01, 2000


Problem Solve Mar 21, 2005

Dynamic file allocation in COBOL

We need to create a unique DSN from within a COBOL program. The actual name of the file needs to be unique for every execution of the program. Continue Reading


By Joe Toscano Evaluate May 10, 2006

Tools and technique to move SQL Server data to Oracle

Once you have the necessary tools to create a Data Source Name (DSN) which provides the Oracle connectivity details, you can specify Oracle as the destination in your DTS package and start moving. Continue Reading


By Maria Anderson Problem Solve Oct 09, 2006

No Oracle driver with installation of Oracle 8.1.7 on XP

I tried to install Oracle 8.1.7 on an XP machine. It was successful but when I went to ODBC | System DSN, the Oracle driver is not there. I tried to delete all Oracle homes and reinstall the software, I just did ... Continue Reading