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By Ed Tittel Problem Solve Jul 27, 2016

Praising EasyBCD 2.3 (Admin Toolbox)

Dual boot machines running two same-version Windows instances can arbitrarily toggle boot order. EasyBCD 2.3 fixes that, and more. Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne Manage Sep 15, 2016

The secret to DevOps metrics? It's easy -- just use them

Dynatrace performance advocate Andreas Grabner travels the world spreading the word about DevOps data. However, even he's surprised by how few companies are actually paying attention. Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne News Aug 31, 2016

Take these 10 easy steps to build your DevOps career

DevOps jobs -- and salaries -- are hot right now. Expert coach and recruiter Jill Jubinski offers her best advice for networking yourself into a new career in DevOps. Continue Reading


By Trevor Jones News Jun 01, 2016

DevOps on AWS isn't always an easy transition

DevOps on AWS can make plenty of sense, but users must embrace the ops side of the equation, know when to use native tools and know when to turn to a third party. Continue Reading


By Rob Wright News Jun 30, 2016

The healthcare industry is making it far too easy for hackers

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are far too vulnerable to cyberattacks, and a recent healthcare security study shows the issue isn't just outdated legacy technology -- medical professionals ... Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Mar 28, 2016

Finding a compliant DaaS platform isn't always easy

DaaS providers meet most common compliance standards that affect virtual desktops, but IT shops dealing with industry-specific regulations need to find vendors that specialize in those requirements. Continue Reading


By Beverley Head Feb 01, 2016

Australia offers easy targets for cyber criminals

Security experts criticise organisations for paying up too easily when hit by ransomware Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani News May 10, 2016

OpenStack Mitaka aims to make open source easy-peasy

OpenStack Mitaka, the newest release of the cloud platform, touts user-friendliness as a key trait. Could that further propel the open source project? Continue Reading


By Beverley Head May 09, 2016

Australian health sector an easy target for cyber criminals, says IBM

A push to encourage greater adoption of electronic health records has raised the spectre of online record theft Continue Reading


By Bridget Botelho News Jan 28, 2016

Data science jobs easy to find, tough to fill

Data scientist ranks as the top job in America this year, as low supply and high demand mean big money for those who qualify for that emerging IT career. Continue Reading