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By Robert Sheldon Evaluate Oct 22, 2015

Parallels Desktop makes virtualizing Windows on a Mac easy

Plenty of companies use a mix of Windows and Mac computers. IT administrators can use Parallels Desktop Business Edition to provide employees with access to Windows on any computer. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Oct 13, 2015

How easyJet uses digital to drive competitive advantage

The CIO and head of digital at easyJet tell Computer Weekly price is not the only way to gain competitive advantage in the airline industry Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Sep 08, 2015

Open source platform as a service doesn't always come easy

Open source platform as a service can ease cloud app development and deployment. But it also poses these six challenges for developers and the business. Continue Reading


By Aditya Gune Evaluate Nov 20, 2015

HPE StoreEasy 1000 Storage family product overview

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise StoreEasy 1000 Storage family -- formerly HP StoreEasy 1000 Storage -- has four mid-level NAS models, management tools and BitLocker Drive Encryption support. Continue Reading


By Allen Bernard Evaluate Nov 17, 2015

Easy-to-use deployment automation tool from Automic Software

Developed for the enterprise, Automic Release Automation from Automic Software provides enterprises easy deployment automation, with no-code modeling capabilities. Continue Reading


By Jon Arnold Problem Solve Oct 23, 2015

How do I make my video conferencing system easy to use?

Enterprises that want a video system that is easy for employees to use should prioritize training and support. Expert Jon Arnold explains what aspects to focus on. Continue Reading


By Evan Dardano Evaluate Sep 23, 2015

Jama Software delivers easy-to-use ALM tool

Jama Software provides agile enterprises a requirements management-focused ALM tool. Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Jun 09, 2015

Going cloud is not as easy as we all thought

New research from the CIF suggests that cloud service providers are not providing customers with the support needed to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. Does anyone a channel opportunity? Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Jun 05, 2015

EasyJet uses drone to inspect aircraft

Airline easyJet has trialled the use of drones to carry out automated testing on aircraft Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Problem Solve May 07, 2015

How to configure a rack-mounted NAS in 10 easy steps

Get the most out of your rack-mount NAS appliance by enabling permissions, network access and other advanced options. Continue Reading