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Jan 31, 2001

Email monitoring

I am confused by the legal aspects of e-mail monitoring. What must I be doing? What can I do? It seems to me that the laws of... Continue Reading


Manage Aug 21, 2001

Alias email addresses

How to set up email addresses. Continue Reading


Aug 31, 2009

Email archiving for storage managers

Learn the data storage aspects of email archiving, how an email archiving system works, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of email archiving. Continue Reading


Manage Jan 04, 2006

No more delayed email

If Lotus Notes users are complaining about delayed e-mail, the problem might be their incorrect use of "Local mail file" instead of "Office." member Peder Koed explains and provides a code snippet ... Continue Reading


News Mar 23, 2006

Phishing and email basics

Here's an introduction to phishing, email basics and how email headers are recognized. Continue Reading


News Dec 12, 2001

CODE: Send email with VB

A short code snippet to send email. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Aug 15, 2002

Get e-mail from anywhere

How to get e-mail to traveling users. Continue Reading


News Mar 23, 2006

Email basics for Exchange admins

Learn the email basics that every Exchange admin should know, including the standard email process and email headers. Continue Reading


News Mar 23, 2006

Understanding email delivery

To understand the process of email delivery, read the following tip that explains email settings, SMTP communication, and the standard email infrastructure. Continue Reading


By Bradley Dinerman Problem Solve Feb 21, 2007

Forwarding email from Exchange Server to an external email address

Get step-by-step instructions for forwarding all Exchange Server email to an external email address. Continue Reading