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Jan 31, 2001

Email monitoring

I am confused by the legal aspects of e-mail monitoring. What must I be doing? What can I do? It seems to me that the laws of... Continue Reading


Manage Aug 21, 2001

Alias email addresses

How to set up email addresses. Continue Reading


News Mar 23, 2006

Phishing and email basics

Here's an introduction to phishing, email basics and how email headers are recognized. Continue Reading


News Mar 23, 2006

Understanding email delivery

To understand the process of email delivery, read the following tip that explains email settings, SMTP communication, and the standard email infrastructure. Continue Reading


Manage Mar 31, 2003

E-mail headers

This tip describes e-mail header security procedures. Continue Reading


News Mar 23, 2006

Anonymous email and phishing

Learn how phishers forge headers to send you anonymous email Continue Reading


By Tash Shifrin Jun 01, 2005

Mytob spreads via spoof emails

Mytob spreads via spoof emails Continue Reading


Get started Oct 10, 2006

Email marketing quiz

Test yourself on email marketing practices and terms with this quiz from See how much you know about spam, opt-in email, UBE, targeted marketing with email, and much more. Continue Reading


Sep 09, 2007

Email strategies for SMBs

Email management can be a difficult task for small and medium-sized businesses. Learn more about upgrades, spam, email security and more in this IT Management Guide. Continue Reading


Oct 21, 2008

Email archiving FAQ

Stephen Foskett, director of data practice with Contoural, discusses the email archiving market today, the pros and cons of email archiving services, common email archiving mistakes and more. His answers are also ... Continue Reading