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By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Aug 26, 2015

How does AWS Simple Email Service differ from my email server?

Our business sends promotional emails and newsletters. We like our current email server, but could AWS Simple Email Service help with our marketing efforts? Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Evaluate May 14, 2015

Is global email an enterprise email security risk?

Ubiquitous global email is right around the corner. But what effect will it have on enterprises? Expert Michael Cobb explains. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Manage Jul 08, 2015

How should CSIRTs respond to email extortion schemes?

The 2014 Sony Pictures hack highlights the importance of responding appropriately to email extortion. Learn what steps executives should take to best manage the situation. Continue Reading


By Karen Scarfone Evaluate Jul 02, 2015

How to choose the right email security gateway

Email security gateways (ESGs) are an efficient tool for protecting the network of organizations of all sizes from email-borne threats. ESGs are an efficient means for preventing the delivery of email that violates... Continue Reading


By Esther Shein Get Started Apr 29, 2015

How to stand out in the managed email marketplace

The popularity of managed email has led many MSPs to invest in infrastructure or partnerships. However, providing a value-add can prove challenging. Continue Reading


By Steve Goodman Manage Aug 19, 2015

Protect classified emails, thwart shadow technology

Use Exchange and Office 365 to restrict and secure data that leaves an organization, and share documents more easily thanks to new features. Continue Reading


By Sharon Shea News Aug 14, 2015

Government email security woes widen with Pentagon breach and more

News roundup: Government email security got pummeled this week with news of hacks, breaches, unlabeled classified data and spying. Plus: Hacking a Corvette via text; Android sandbox bypass flaw; Oracle CSO blogs ... Continue Reading


By Karen Scarfone Get Started May 18, 2015

Introduction to email security gateways in the enterprise

Email security gateways protect enterprises from threats such as spam and phishing attacks. Expert Karen Scarfone explains how these products get the job done. Continue Reading


Get Started Jul 21, 2015

Secure email servers on Exchange, Office 365 or both

Whether you use on-premises Exchange, Office 365 or hybrid Exchange deployments, follow these tips to boost email server security. Continue Reading


Feb 26, 2015

The state of email trust in 2014

Email security improved in 2014 but most companies still haven't done enough to protect their customers from phishing attacks, this study from Agari reveals. Continue Reading