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By Dave Raffo News Sep 07, 2016

Dell EMC now 'open for business'

Dell's $60 billion-plus acquisition creates a new storage behemoth, called Dell EMC, but it will take a while to address all lingering concerns about the new company. Continue Reading


By Carol Sliwa News May 05, 2016

EMC Unity, Dell-EMC merger top news for EMC World attendees

The most interesting news items for EMC World 2016 attendees were Michael Dell's update on the pending EMC acquisition and the new Unity mid-range array. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Jul 19, 2016

EMC shareholders OK Dell deal

In a near unanimous vote, EMC shareholders today voted to approve the storage giant’s $67 billion merger with Dell. The shareholder vote was considered one of two remaining obstacles to the deal, ... Continue Reading


By Sonia Lelii News Sep 16, 2016

Veritas: Dell EMC’s no marriage made in heaven

In the pre-Symantec days when Veritas was an independent storage software company, its executives frequently bashed their primary competitor EMC. That rhetoric cooled after Symantec bought Veritas, ... Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News May 05, 2016

EMC Unity: Redesign or rehash?

EMC unveils three all-flash systems at EMC World 2016, including new midrange Unity platform that draws fire from smaller competitors. Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Sep 07, 2016

It's official: Dell completes $60bn merger with EMC

Dell Technologies is now the largest privately held IT organisation on the planet Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Sep 07, 2016

Combined Dell and EMC company targets intelligent things

The $74bn merger of Dell and EMC has created a technology giant with a remit to expand into the software-defined datacentre space to support IoT Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Aug 30, 2016

Dell-EMC deal closes Sept. 7

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Dell and EMC made it official today. Dell will close its $67 billion acquisition of the largest storage vendor Sept. 7, following the transaction’s official approval today by ... Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Aug 19, 2016

EMC: Commercial drone storage market primed for takeoff

Commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, is just starting to emerge. Drone storage, on the other hand, isn’t getting as much attention. EMC wants to gain a toehold in the ... Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Aug 04, 2016

EMC container plugin supports any block storage

EMC has contributed an open source Apache Mesos container volume driver that supports any network-attached block storage system equipped with a Docker plugin, including storage of EMC competitors. ... Continue Reading