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By Matt Schulz Evaluate Aug 12, 2016

Should IT guarantee BYOD privacy for employees?

The business world is full of employees using their personal mobile devices for work, but many companies still struggle with how much privacy to grant BYOD users. Continue Reading


By Luke Marson Sep 30, 2016

SuccessFactors Employee Central extensibility allows 'customization'

Customization is practically a swear word in cloud software, but a slew of UI, programming and data features help modify Employee Central to do your bidding. Continue Reading


By Maribel Lopez Evaluate May 10, 2016

Mobile employees are customers, too

Self-service customer care features can also help mobile employees get their jobs done better and more efficiently. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 22, 2016

Competitive advantages of mobile apps for customers, employees

The advantages of mobile apps include higher engagement rates, which translate to more revenue from customers and greater productivity from employees. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 11, 2016


Feb 18, 2016

Getting the best out of your employees

Employment law solicitor Lee Ashwood tackles the thorny issue of disciplining staff in the workplace Continue Reading


By Christian Stafford News Sep 20, 2016

Wells Fargo fires 5,300 employees for illegal sales practices

Wells Fargo has been fined $185 million and fired more than 5000 employees after the discovery of an illegal sales push that duped customers for years. Also in recent GRC news, U.S. businesses with ... Continue Reading


By Dan Ring Problem Solve Sep 20, 2016

Hyatt transforms employee training with Saba online learning software

Hyatt Hotels uses Saba Cloud to train employees with short videos, collaboration and mobile, but finds it a challenge to drive new users to the system. Continue Reading


By Brian Kirsch Get Started Jun 20, 2016

An open letter to entry-level IT employees

The world of IT can be unforgiving, especially for those just starting out. The keys to finding and maintaining success are humility, patience and an open mind. Continue Reading


By Adam Tismaneanu Evaluate Jun 09, 2016

Save employees' time with the Coupa Procurement System

Coupa's spend management suite contains the Coupa Procurement System that allows companies and its employees to save money and maximize efficiency with e-commerce shopping. Continue Reading