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What historical employee data should go to Employee Central?

By Luke Marson 28 Nov 2017

Replication goes far if you still need SAP HCM for some things. If migration is inevitable, you must choose what to move, how to move it and what happens to the data left behind. Read More

What the Hawthorne effect reveals about employee experience

By Diann Daniel 11 Dec 2017

The phenomenon of the Hawthorne effect is used to support ideas about employee needs, including your potential HR technology choices. Here's why you should be wary of that. Read More

What can employees do with the SuccessFactors mobile app?

By Luke Marson 08 Jan 2018

Self-service SuccessFactors features for employees and managers are numerous, and learning tools, including online course downloading, will run on some Android and iOS devices. Read More

Study reveals ways to identify high-potential employees

By Patrick Thibodeau 10 Nov 2017

Finding high-potential employees is critical for succession planning and business success. But nearly half of all leaders fail to meet objectives. CEB claims it has a fix. Read More

LinkedIn case raises employee privacy concerns

31 Oct 2017

A San Francisco firm is using bots to track public profile changes of clients on LinkedIn. The monitoring is being challenged in court and may impact employee privacy practices. Read More

Study reveals employees’ fears over digital change

By Cliff Saran 30 Oct 2017

Many employees are fearful of the job risk associated with automation and company-wide digital transformation initiatives Read More

Carglass France feels benefit of employee knowledge sharing

By Christian Annesley 27 Oct 2017

Automobile glass repair company Carglass France is using knowledge-sharing technology to distribute expertise among 3,000 employees Read More

Employee engagement app keeps mining company employees connected

By Shaun Sutner 20 Jul 2017

With the goal of engaging workers, Australian mining company uses StaffConnect employee communications mobile app to keep workers informed and connected in the field. Read More

How can IT risk assessments best involve employees?

By Paul Kirvan 06 Oct 2017

In conducting an IT risk assessment, are you asking the right questions to your staff? Are you talking to the right people? These elements are important for disaster recovery. Read More

Security Think Tank: Encourage employees to use an approved messaging app

By Rory Alsop 12 Dec 2017

What criteria should organisations use to assess the security of smartphone messaging apps and how can they ensure only approved apps are used by employees? Read More