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Conversations: How do you handle endpoint backup?

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By Robert Sheldon Evaluate Apr 13, 2015

Comparing three options for VDI endpoints

There are a few ways admins can provide users with the hardware that makes it possible to access their virtual desktops. Get to know the three major options. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Manage Apr 23, 2015

Software deployment tools, patching critical to endpoint management

The software deployment component of your endpoint management system plays an important role in desktop health. So too do monitoring, patching and security capabilities. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Get Started Jan 29, 2015

Discover the role of smart endpoints in microservices

In part one of a two-part series, a software architect describes how his organization has used microservices and smart endpoints. Continue Reading


By Nick Martin Evaluate Jan 22, 2015


By Karen Scarfone Get Started Jan 09, 2015

Endpoint protection software features and functionality

Learn about the different capabilities endpoint protection software often includes and the security benefits each of these capabilities have to offer. Continue Reading


By Steve Broadhead Mar 04, 2015

A HIP way of securing a wide range of endpoints

The host identity protocol is emerging as an alternative way to secure a range of physical endpoints beyond laptops and smartphones Continue Reading


By Tom Fenton Get Started Apr 28, 2015

What are protocol endpoints in vSphere VVOLs and how do they work?

VMware's new VVOLs feature allows storage functionality to be distributed on a per-VM basis. Protocol endpoints are integral to proper allocation. Continue Reading


By Andrew Burton Evaluate Apr 17, 2015

Endpoint data protection products offer backup, file sync and security

Today's crop of endpoint and mobile data protection products blend backup, file sync and security functionality to increase user productivity while protecting against data loss. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple ,Ernie Hayden Manage Nov 03, 2014

Endpoint protection: Using whitelisting as a tactic

Many security technologies have been developed to help organizations secure application use on endpoints, yet few have achieved their goal.

When application control first became important to the market... Continue Reading


By Karen Scarfone Evaluate Apr 10, 2015

Symantec Endpoint Encryption: Full disk encryption product overview

Expert Karen Scarfone examines the features of Symantec Endpoint Encryption, a full disk encryption product for Windows laptops, desktops and servers. Continue Reading