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Manage Mar 23, 2009

HIPAA enforcement getting stronger

Agencies charged with enforcing HIPAA regulations have been slow to set policies for HIPAA compliance reviews and enforcement, but that's about to change. Part one of a series. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jun 19, 2006

Enforcing software licenses

It's extremely difficult to enforce software licenses. Expert Brad Arkin explains why many of the security mechanisms designed to guard licenses are easy to crack. Continue Reading


By Chuck Connell Manage Apr 30, 2002

Enforce consistent ACL

Perhaps the most misunderstood security feature in the whole Domino/Notes product line is the option "enforce a consistent ACL across all replicas of this database." Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Feb 28, 2007

Police extend Northgate enforcement contract

Northgate Information Solutions said police forces currently using its national police enforcement solution for penalty notices for disorder will continue to do so for a further two years. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Dec 14, 2009

Hackers block Microsoft Cofee law enforcement software

Hackers have released software designed to attack a Microsoft tool used by law enforcement agencies. Continue Reading


By Rudy Limeback Problem solve Feb 23, 2006

Primary key enforced by unique index

What does "the primary key of the table is enforced using a non-unique index" really mean? Continue Reading


Apr 08, 2002

Software enforcement agencies enlist help of dealers

Software enforcement agencies have called on dealers to help clean up firms using illegal applications before the next round of... Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Nov 08, 2005

McAfee plans security enforcement beta

McAfee is to release a beta of desktop and laptop policy enforcement software which ensures users’ PCs comply with corporate security policies. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Problem solve Mar 01, 2005

Effectively enforcing e-mail policies

In this tip, our policy expert explains how to establish effective e-mail policy enforcement without having to rule with an iron first. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Mar 27, 2009

Cybercrime a challenge for law enforcement agencies

International cybercriminals are moving at lightning speed to defeat corporate security, law enforcement officials and IT security professionals heard at eCrime Congress 2009 last week. Continue Reading