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By Tom Nolle ,Michael Cobb Manage Nov 16, 2015

How to ensure a secure API

Application program interfaces, or APIs, are nothing new in the IT world, but over the past ten years, public-facing APIs have risen from a handful to over 10,000. The function of APIs is to add capabilitiies to ... Continue Reading


By Peter Wood Oct 09, 2015

How to ensure strong passwords and better authentication

Five steps to ensure stronger passwords and better authentication to reduce the threat of business data theft Continue Reading


Nov 25, 2015

What CIOs need to know to ensure their PMOs deliver

The most effective project management organisations spend most of their time and resources on relationships and minimal time on tasks Continue Reading


By Jawad Akhtar Manage Nov 23, 2015

Six tips to ensure a successful global SAP rollout

Managing a global SAP rollout is complex and challenging. But by limiting custom development and following other tried-and-true lessons, you can better navigate the challenges. Continue Reading


By Johna Till Johnson Evaluate Oct 28, 2015

Ensuring network perimeter security in a perimeterless age

The increasingly porous enterprise perimeter, challenged by BYOD, private and public Wi-Fi and other access options, makes traditional network perimeter security obsolete. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Get Started Oct 13, 2015


By Mike Chapple Manage Oct 08, 2015

Securing data and ensuring compliance in cloud-based services

Cloud-based services are already widely in use in enterprises, but are your corporate data and systems both secure and compliant with industry regulations? Continue Reading


By Jawad Akhtar Problem Solve Sep 29, 2015

How do you ensure stock visibility during a subcontracting process?

Subcontracting can help you manage non-core or bottlenecked production processes effectively. Continue Reading


By David Sherry Get Started Sep 10, 2015

Learn from the past: Ensure a secure future of information security

To ensure the future of information security, enterprises must learn from the past, launch proper training and install the right technologies. Continue Reading


By Yvette Francino Manage Aug 14, 2015

How can facilitators ensure effective, collaborative meetings?

It may be challenging to make sure everyone's voice is heard in collaborative meetings, but a good facilitator can ensure this happens. Continue Reading