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By Jake O'Donnell Evaluate May 29, 2015

MAM ensures mobile data security in ways MDM can't

IT can add several important controls through mobile application management, such as app wrapping, containerization, lifecycle management and enterprise app stores. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Get Started May 06, 2015

PHP security tips to ensure enterprise Web safety

Research shows more than three-quarters of PHP installations run with at least one vulnerability. Learn the steps for ensuring PHP security in the enterprise workplace. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Manage May 05, 2015

Ensure a successful IT infrastructure monitoring tools integration

Data center tool integration projects don't end when you finish linking up systems. Without testing and regular maintenance, integrations quickly fall apart. Continue Reading


By L.J. Brock Get Started Apr 27, 2015

How can you ensure success with HR predictive software?

Red Hat's talent VP advises making the vendor responsible for co-leading a change plan for implementing predictive software. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Manage Apr 17, 2015

How do I ensure hybrid cloud security and performance?

Deployment is only half of the hybrid cloud battle. How can I guarantee my hybrid environment is secure and high-performing? Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Manage Apr 02, 2015

Algorithm substitution attacks: Ensuring encryption algorithm security

Algorithm substitution attacks can decrypt secure communications and potentially expose enterprise data in plaintext. Learn how to mitigate the threat. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Manage Mar 23, 2015

How can mobile broadband modem security be ensured?

Mobile broadband modems are becoming popular vectors for attack. Expert Kevin Beaver outlines how to defend against the threat. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Problem Solve Mar 19, 2015

What strategies are best to ensure a secure embedded system?

Planning ahead in security testing helps to ensure a secure embedded system. Continue Reading


By Ed Moyle Get Started Mar 11, 2015

Negotiating SLA requirements to ensure cloud regulatory compliance

Outlining your enterprise regulatory compliance reporting needs and establishing these needs with cloud providers during SLA negotiations is critical. Ed Moyle outlines steps to help organizations get started. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey ,Stephen J. Bigelow ,Keith Townsend Manage Feb 13, 2015

Proactive measures help to ensure business continuity

An organization needs to devise a strategy that keeps its virtual machines available to the extent possible and recoverable when disaster strikes. This strategic planning should include disaster avoidance -- not ... Continue Reading