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enterprise: In the computer industry, an enterprise is an organization that uses computers.

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News Sep 07, 2005

Enterprise Library

This freeware download provides a library of application blocks from Microsoft. The tools are meant to assist a developer in common enterprise scenarios. Continue Reading


Evaluate Feb 26, 2009

Hedgehog Enterprise

Hedgehog Enterprise is a monitoring and intrusion prevention tool that provides visibility into all database activity, regardless of its point of origin. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jul 03, 2003

Securing the Enterprise

The following excerpt is from Chapter 2 of the free eBook From Chaos to Control: The CIO's Executive Guide to Managing and Securing the Enterprise written by Don Jones. Continue Reading


News Feb 07, 2002

The risk and intrigue of IM to the enterprise

The risk and intrigue of IM to the enterprise Continue Reading


Feb 19, 2004

Build an enterprise architecture framework

The basics of implementing an enterprise architecture framework. Continue Reading


Mar 18, 2003

The enterprise comes to the desktop; the desktop comes to the enterprise

The battle for the enterprise desktop has been waged on an adjacent field, in the arena of enterprise architecture and... Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Problem Solve Jul 07, 2004

Tools for combating spyware in the enterprise

Here's an overview of tools for combating spyware in the enterprise. Continue Reading


By Phil Simon Problem Solve Oct 01, 2009

What is Enterprise 2.0?

What is Enterprise 2.0? Find out with a definition from an expert. Learn about emerging trends in Enterprise 2.0 technology and learn the latest Enterprise 2.0 terms. Continue Reading


News Dec 19, 2006

Enterprise Architecture in Banking

This article is a continuation in the series on enterprise architecture. Continue Reading


By Jessica Scarpati News Jun 17, 2010

'Facebook for the enterprise' not key to enterprise social software

Incorporating enterprise social software will become paramount to a collaboration strategy, but intranet designs or collaboration portals don't live or die by whether they mimic something that purports to be "... Continue Reading