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In the computer industry, an enterprise is an organization that uses computers.Read More

How to navigate the enterprise collaboration market

By Jon Arnold 16 Jan 2018

When evaluating enterprise collaboration services, first look inward at your company needs. Some key collaboration criteria include scalability, security and uptime. Read More

Enterprise mobility: What to expect in 2018

By Josh Garrett 09 Jan 2018

MOBI's Josh Garrett discusses trends for enterprise mobility in 2018, explaining why Microsoft will be relevant in mobility and why exclusive BYOD is out. Read More

The state of Android enterprise in 2017

By Jason Bayton 28 Nov 2017

Enterprise mobility consultant and Android SME Jason Bayton reflects on the evolution of Android enterprise, where it is today, and what’s to come. Read More

Voice user interfaces coming to the enterprise

By George Lawton 12 Jan 2018

As enterprise UX becomes more critical, VUIs may usurp traditional interfaces. For now, learn from advice and experiments, such as FinancialForce's integration of Alexa. Read More

How should enterprise firewall settings be reviewed?

By Judith Myerson 11 Jan 2018

Getting firewall settings right is one of the most basic ways to protect enterprise data from accidental exposures. Expert Judith Myerson discusses how to review firewall policies. Read More

Meltdown and Spectre a big deal for enterprises

By Warwick Ashford 09 Jan 2018

Although consumers are relatively unaffected by the recently disclosed security vulnerabilities in most modern processors, enterprises need to take the threat seriously. Computer Weekly looks at how enterprise IT ... Read More

Three enterprise scenarios for MDM products

By Matthew Pascucci 04 Jan 2018

Expert Matt Pascucci outlines three enterprise uses cases for mobile device management products to see how they can protect users, devices and corporate data. Read More

The Digitally Transformed Enterprise

27 Oct 2017

Though the jury is still out over what constitutes successful digital transformation, there is no question about the immense excitement in this area as organizations seek to re-architect their IT environments to be... Read More

Enterprise mobile devices and how the leaders stack up

By Robert Sheldon 12 Dec 2017

When analyzing and comparing the seemingly endless options available for mobile devices, IT buyers should look at the device type, OS and security functions, among other criteria. Read More

Enterprise-focused startups on the rise in Nordics

By Eeva Haaramo 08 Dec 2017

Tech startups focused on the enterprise sector are attending the Slush startup event in increasing numbers Read More