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enterprise: In the computer industry, an enterprise is an organization that uses computers.

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By Peter Sullivan Get Started Sep 07, 2016

How to build a cybersecurity plan for enterprise

A cybersecurity action plan is a crucial part of achieving a state of cybersecurity readiness. Expert Peter Sullivan explains what goes into these plans and how to get one started. Continue Reading


Aug 05, 2016

Managing Android devices in the enterprise

This article in our Royal Holloway security series focuses on two approaches to securely managing Android mobile devices in the enterprise: mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne Manage Sep 16, 2016

An inside look at an enterprise architect's world

Is the role of enterprise architect changing? It is, and it isn't. I know that's helpful. I recently spoke with Todd Loeppke, CTO Architect for Sungard Availability Services, a company that is ... Continue Reading


By Dave Shackleford Evaluate Sep 07, 2016

Picking the best CASB for your enterprise

Cloud access security brokers, or CASBs, are either in-house network gateways or security-as-a-service cloud offerings that inspect network traffic destined for the cloud. This guide equips security pros with the ... Continue Reading


By Brian Holak Evaluate Aug 24, 2016

Sam Palmisano defines a platform enterprise

In this CIO Minute, Sam Palmisano, former CEO at IBM, gives his definition of a platform enterprise, highlighting its position as a support system. Continue Reading


By George Crump Evaluate Jun 21, 2016

What is enterprise backup software?

Storage expert George Crump takes a look at the evolution and functions of backup software for the enterprise, including data movement, data management and job management. Continue Reading


Get Started Aug 17, 2016

A Google cloud services guide for the enterprise

As the Google Cloud Platform evolves, cloud admins need to stay in the know. Use this guide to learn about the latest Google cloud services, and get tips for managing them. Continue Reading


By Peter Sullivan Get Started Aug 15, 2016

Achieving cybersecurity readiness: What enterprises should know

Enterprises need to be ready to act in the face of security incidents and cyberattacks. Expert Peter Sullivan outlines seven elements of proper cybersecurity readiness. Continue Reading


By Niel Nickolaisen Manage Aug 11, 2016

Why I should own enterprise mobile application development

Who should be in charge of enterprise mobile application development? How about the person who has a passion for using technology to make businesses better? Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Anubhav Dwivedi Get Started Aug 09, 2016

Creating a connected enterprise: It's not rocket science

Plan your internet of things roadmap for a connected enterprise using Microsoft Azure and discover how to exploit the true potential of an IoT implementation. Continue Reading