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enterprise: In the computer industry, an enterprise is an organization that uses computers.

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By Peter Sullivan Get Started Sep 07, 2016

How to build a cybersecurity plan for enterprise

A cybersecurity action plan is a crucial part of achieving a state of cybersecurity readiness. Expert Peter Sullivan explains what goes into these plans and how to get one started. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Oct 25, 2016

OpenStack adoption by enterprise grows

New research has found that businesses of all sizes are taking on OpenStack to run their private and hybrid clouds Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Oct 20, 2016

How enterprise software development is changing

During Computer Weekly’s 50th anniversary event, we held a panel discussion at Skills Matter in London to look into how enterprise software is changing Continue Reading


By Colin Steele Evaluate Oct 11, 2016

Smartphone recycling is good for the enterprise

As new mobile devices hit the market, consumers and companies discard old, but still usable, ones. Hyla Mobile touts the environmental and fiscal benefits of smartphone recycling. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Oct 11, 2016

Splunk Enterprise Security: Product overview

Expert Dan Sullivan explores how Splunk Enterprise Security uses big data security analytics to incorporate multiple methods of data integration to identify malicious events. Continue Reading


By Andrew Froehlich Evaluate Oct 06, 2016

The evolution of campus LAN switches in the enterprise

The campus LAN switch is a fundamental component of networking. There is a lot to know about the roles these switches play in a modern enterprise network. Continue Reading


News Oct 03, 2016

RPA: Mapping out a plan for enterprise automation

Robotic process automation technology has the potential to make business processes more efficient, boost productivity and save lots of money by enabling "virtual workers" to take on tedious tasks -- without the ... Continue Reading


Aug 05, 2016

Managing Android devices in the enterprise

This article in our Royal Holloway security series focuses on two approaches to securely managing Android mobile devices in the enterprise: mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne Manage Sep 16, 2016

An inside look at an enterprise architect's world

Is the role of enterprise architect changing? It is, and it isn't. I know that's helpful. I recently spoke with Todd Loeppke, CTO Architect for Sungard Availability Services, a company that is ... Continue Reading


By Dave Shackleford Evaluate Sep 07, 2016

Picking the best CASB for your enterprise

Cloud access security brokers, or CASBs, are either in-house network gateways or security-as-a-service cloud offerings that inspect network traffic destined for the cloud. This guide equips security pros with the ... Continue Reading