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What's a good example of patient engagement technology?

By Brien Posey 28 Dec 2017

Learn how healthcare providers use portals to increase patient engagement, as explained by current IT writer and former healthcare CIO Brien Posey. Read More

Two Ansible playbook examples illustrate config management

By Sander van Vugt 06 Dec 2017

Configuration management enables automation for many operations tasks. Ansible uses a simple structure and a dynamic language to enable admins to easily complete jobs, once they get the hang of a playbook. Read More

Examples of BPM use cases where iBPM fits in

By Tom Nolle 30 Nov 2017

Does iBPM stand to deliver real value in the workplace? Expert Tom Nolle examines three key use cases that illustrate how iBPM can deliver value to businesses. Read More

Three examples of IoT in the enterprise

By Josh Garrett 08 Sep 2017

MOBI's Josh Garrett offers three examples of IoT in the enterprise and explores how a mobility management platform can benefit each. Read More

Practice with Puppet examples to improve VM management

By Walker Rowe 25 Oct 2017

Learn the basics of VM management with Puppet by following these examples. Puppet is a powerful tool, and with practice, it can become an important asset. Read More

WannaCry an example of pseudo-ransomware, says McAfee

By Warwick Ashford 28 Sep 2017

The global WannaCry and NotPetya attacks were both examples of pseudo-ransomware, according to McAfee researchers Read More

SDN application examples emerge as SDN continues to mature

By David Jacobs 21 Jun 2017

SDN can benefit more than data centers and cloud. SDN application examples show service providers, hospitals and IoT networks are using the technology as it continues to mature. Read More

Three examples of machine learning methods and related algorithms

By David Loshin 28 Apr 2017

Consultant David Loshin explains some widely used data analytics and machine learning techniques and details how the associated automated algorithms work. Read More

UK insurtech startups follow fintech example

By Karl Flinders 30 Mar 2017

UK startups focused on technology for insurance companies saw capital investments double last year Read More