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By David Strom Evaluate Mar 23, 2015


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By Francesca Sales News Dec 10, 2014

Offensive security in the enterprise: Examples, advice and cautions

In IT, offensive security can involve methods other than 'hacking back.' In this #GRCChat recap, participants offer examples of active defense tactics, as well as advice on when to go on the offensive. Continue Reading


By Emily McLaughlin Get Started Jul 29, 2014

Free RFP template examples for ERP

Use these free RFP template examples for ERP to make the best use of your business' technology resources. Continue Reading


By David Strom Get Started Oct 23, 2014

Multifactor authentication examples and business case scenarios

When evaluating the business cases for multifactor authentication in the enterprise, expert David Strom says an organization must first identify which of the three operational scenarios apply to a potential ... Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Oct 10, 2014

Symantec follows the HP example and opts to split

Just a few days after HP hit the headlines for splitting into two companies the same decision has been reached by Symantec Continue Reading


By Brad Casey Manage Jul 22, 2014

Security metrics examples to protect your data center

Security isn't easy to quantify, like PUE or server utilization. But it is possible to apply metrics to improve data center gateway safety. Continue Reading


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Free IT mission statement examples for CIOs

These free IT mission statement examples can help CIOs and their IT departments identify and refine their organizational goals. Continue Reading


Evaluate May 09, 2014

Free process mapping template examples for CIOs

We scoured the Web for process mapping template examples to help CIOs better understand how to establish, align and manage IT and business processes. Continue Reading


By Nicole Laskowski News May 05, 2014

Ten open data examples to get CIOs thinking

Say hello to open data; the agricultural industry gets "smarter"; and UNICEF innovates: The Data Mill reports. Continue Reading