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Enterprise mobility: What to expect in 2018

By Josh Garrett 09 Jan 2018

MOBI's Josh Garrett discusses trends for enterprise mobility in 2018, explaining why Microsoft will be relevant in mobility and why exclusive BYOD is out. Read More

Computacenter ahead of expectations

By Simon Quicke 14 Nov 2017

A trading update has revealed that the channel player is enjoying a very strong finish to the year Read More

What to expect with pervasive encryption on IBM mainframes

By Robert Crawford 04 Dec 2017

Increased IBM mainframe security comes by way of pervasive encryption. Understand this new feature, and consider cost and performance concerns before you use it. Read More

What to expect from Alfresco DevCon 2018

By Adrian Bridgwater 01 Dec 2017

Hang on - a conference preview in 2017, are we not done on events season already? Well yes, developer conferences do actually happen in January, if you’re Alresco Software they do. Alfresco is an ... Read More

What to expect from Splunk .conf 2017

By Adrian Bridgwater 26 Aug 2017

Okay so yes, we’ve heard of so-called digital transformation, whatever that is supposed to mean. Ah alright then, digital transformation is the movement towards cloud-centric services-driven ... Read More

What to expect from AppDynamics Summit 2017

By Adrian Bridgwater 19 Oct 2017

First the Earth cooled... and then there were tools, devices, machines and eventually software applications - then, finally, we started calling them apps. In the second age of man (and woman and ... Read More

What to expect from Okta Oktane 2017

By Adrian Bridgwater 08 Aug 2017

Enterprise identity form Okta is staging its annual Oktane user, customer, partner and Okta developer conference in Las Vegas later this August 2017 - hashtag #Oktane17. Okta is an authentication ... Read More

VMware expecting subscription licensing shift

By Simon Quicke 13 Sep 2017

The firm might be largely a perpetual licensing business but the CEO is expecting that to change in the next couple of years Read More

Consumer expectations, GDPR complicate data privacy protection

By Brian Holak 21 Nov 2017

Xerox CISO Alissa Johnson says U.S. companies will be forced to reconsider their information protection strategies as consumers' data privacy protection expectations evolve. Read More

What to expect when you're expecting value from IoT

By James Branigan 26 Jan 2017

With proper planning and intelligent design, IoT can be approached in a manner to minimize risk and deliver increasing benefits through the entire value chain. Read More