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extension: In computer operating systems, a file name extension is an optional addition to the file name in a ...

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Manage Apr 12, 2002

More on SOAP extensions

How to use the extensions previously discussed. Continue Reading


Manage Mar 15, 2002

Understand SOAP extensions

Explanation of SOAP extensions. Continue Reading


Get Started Aug 17, 2010

File Extension Quiz

How well do you know file extensions? Take this 10 question quiz to test your knowledge of file extension names and suffixes. Continue Reading


Problem Solve May 02, 2005

Securing DNS with protocol extensions

The inherent security gaps in DNS and recent efforts to close them with protocol extensions. Continue Reading


Feb 12, 2004

MCI files for bankruptcy extension

MCI has asked a US bankruptcy judge for a 60-day extension to the 28 February deadline for the company to emerge from bankruptcy. Continue Reading


News May 07, 2002

HyperTransport adds networking extensions

HyperTransport adds networking extensions Continue Reading


By Matthew Billingham Problem Solve Jun 02, 2005

What is SAP's extension capability?

Curious about SAP's extension capability? This reader was tasked with finding out all there was to know about it; SAP application development expert Matt Billingham explained the options. Continue Reading


By Serdar Yegulalp Manage Sep 19, 2005

Freeware utility manages shell extensions

Most shell extensions are useful and benign, but it's possible to add a malicious shell extension on your system. ShellExView displays the details of shell extensions installed on your computer, and allows you to ... Continue Reading


Jun 24, 2002

Extensity rolls out new ERM solution

Extensity will unveil the latest version of its employee relationship management (ERM) solution today, which aims to help... Continue Reading


Jun 23, 2004

Intel to unveil 64-bit extensions

Intel plans to unveil its first processor with 64-bit extensions technology next week. Continue Reading