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Paravirtualization interface features and functions

By Stephen J. Bigelow 05 Oct 2017

Some of the functions supported by paravirtualization include emulated motherboards, storage I/O and network communication, privileged instructions and page tables. Read More

New Citrix ShareFile features automate workflows

By Alyssa Provazza 06 Nov 2017

Organizations that perform repetitious business tasks can benefit from Citrix ShareFile's workflow feature, which has seen numerous updates recently. Read More

Office 365 compliance features keep data locked down

By Steve Goodman 06 Nov 2017

Microsoft offers tools in Office 365 to help administrators manage complicated data compliance regulations. These features can protect the business. Read More

VMware Integrated OpenStack features, cost, benefits and more

By Marissa Comeau 31 Oct 2017

VMware Integrated OpenStack features VMware support, seamless integration with the vRealize Suite and more, making it a competitive alternative to other OpenStack-based products. Read More

Look for these IaaS features to compare cloud providers

By Jim O'Reilly 27 Oct 2017

Public cloud IaaS offers a range of benefits, but provider selection can be tough. Carefully evaluate what vendors offer for resiliency, hybrid support, data services and more. Read More

Which vSAN features improve storage management and performance?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 17 Oct 2017

VSAN 6.6 and 6.6.1 boast new features, such as vSAN Configuration Assist, integration with vROps and a streamlined upgrade process to improve storage performance and management. Read More

Feature engineering headache disappears with deep learning

By Nicole Laskowski 13 Oct 2017

NEW YORK -- One of the biggest differences between machine learning and deep learning is the effort that goes into making the algorithms work. With machine learning, data scientists have to perform ... Read More

Compare Amazon Lightsail pricing, features to EC2

By George Lawton 11 Oct 2017

To compare Amazon Lightsail vs. EC2 instances, evaluate ease of use, management options and pricing structure -- paying particular attention to data transfer costs. Read More

Dissect the SQL Server on Linux high availability features

By Michael Otey 26 Sep 2017

SQL Server 2017 on Linux gives IT shops greater flexibility, but there are some limitations and changes to the way high availability and failover are performed on Linux vs. Windows. Read More

Undocumented Word feature could lead to system information theft

By Michael Heller 21 Sep 2017

An undocumented Word feature found by Kaspersky Lab could lead to system information theft and affects users on both PCs and mobile devices. Read More