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Mar 07, 2006

Daniel Taylor - February 2006

February's blog entries from Daniel Taylor on enterprise mobility management Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Nov 30, 2008

Features list: February 2009 - green IT features list for February 2009, on the topic of green IT. Continue Reading


Dec 16, 2009

Incoming snow threatens repeat of February downtime

The forecast cold snap for the end of the week has raised fears of a repeat of February’s snow-induced chaos, and comms suppliers have again been talking up the benefits of remote working. Continue Reading


Feb 04, 2003

Microsoft Java deadline starts 4 February

Microsoft's 120-day deadline to distribute Sun Microsystems' version of Java with its products will now begin on 4 February. Continue Reading


Jan 17, 2002

Palm to unveil OS 5 in February

Palm plans to unveil the newest version of its operating system, OS 5, at PalmSource in early February. Continue Reading


By Margie Semilof Problem solve Aug 03, 2007

Windows Server 2008 launch scheduled for February

Microsoft Server 2008 will be launched next February with new features. This excerpt from our sister site SearchWinIT will tell you what to expect. Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Mar 04, 2008

Top phishing and malware threats for February

McAfee's AVERT labs have reported the top ten phishing scams, the top brands targeted by phishing scams, and the top three internet threats for February 2008. Continue Reading


By Ed Scannell News Dec 02, 2011

Report: Windows 8 beta due by February

Microsoft may ship the first beta of Windows 8 in February, with general availability in Q3 of 2012. But new technologies could delay adoption. Continue Reading


By Kathleen Hall Dec 16, 2011

Councils must submit broadband plans by February

Councils must submit draft plans for use of the government’s superfast broadband allocation fund by the end of February, culture secretary Jeremy Hunt has said. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Apr 07, 2011

IT insolvencies tumble in February 2011

The IT sectorshowed moresolid evidence of the recovery during February, with sector insolvencies down 48% year-on-year, according to the latest Experian Insolvency Index. Just 39 businesses went to the wall in the ... Continue Reading