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file: In data processing, using an office metaphor, a file is a related collection of records.

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By Ed Tittel Manage Oct 20, 2016

How to navigate the Windows 10 file cleanup waters

After upgrading to Windows 10, an old version of the OS remains, taking up precious disk space. Admins should know how to remove it as well as other wasteful apps and files. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Evaluate Oct 07, 2016

Windows Updates: CAB vs MSU Files

Sometimes, Microsoft releases out-of-band updates outside the Windows Update service through its Update Catalog. That's when understanding CAB vs MSU files helps. Continue Reading


By John Moore News Sep 27, 2016

Autotask extends its MSP platform with file backup

Autotask made product unification a key thrust of its annual customer meeting, unveiling a new offering that expands its unified platform into automated file backup. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Apr 05, 2016

Nutanix updates IPO filing

Nutanix has been waiting so long to complete its initial public offering (IPO) that the hyper-converged pioneer updated its filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Nutanix’s amended S-1 ... Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Manage Oct 24, 2016

Manage disk image files wisely in the face of DevOps sprawl

There are strategies to prevent obsolete disk images from clogging up valuable space, especially in a rapid-change DevOps shop. However, not all VMs will benefit from the same plan. Continue Reading

Modern B2B Integration

Sponsored Oct 10, 2016

Relieving File Transfer Headaches in Your B2B Integration Efforts

At the heart of business-to-business (B2B) solutions is the ability for organizations to quickly, reliably and securely transfer files with multiple B2B trading partners. When those B2B networks were smaller, more ... Continue Reading


By John Webster Evaluate Jul 07, 2016

HDFS alternatives can avoid the file system's downfalls

Increasingly, IT administrators are integrating data center-grade storage systems with Hadoop -- ones that come with the required data protection, security and governance built-in. Continue Reading


Manage Jul 06, 2016

Identifying must-have features in file-sharing programs

Choosing a file-sharing program takes some planning and understanding of your business requirements. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Manage Apr 01, 2016

Tweaking File Explorer in Windows 10

For those who don't like the default displays in Windows 10 File Explorer, has tutorials on tweaking File Explorer. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Problem Solve Mar 21, 2016

Temporary Files Cleanup: Build 14291

With the latest Insider Preview build of Windows 10 (14291), Settings gains a temporary files cleanup capability in System\Storage. Continue Reading