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In data processing, using an office metaphor, a file is a related collection of records.Read More

Gamma International: The Macedonia files

24 Nov 2017

This PDF contains source documents showing how the UK approved export licences to Gamma International UK to supply sophisticated mobile phone surveillance equipment, known as IMSI catchers, to the Republic of ... Read More

Heathrow to probe leak of security files

By Warwick Ashford 30 Oct 2017

Heathrow is investigating how and why files containing security information were stored without any protection on a USB stick found by a member of the public Read More

How traditional file-sharing services have evolved

By Geoffrey Bock 18 Dec 2017

With a focus on improving digital experiences for its users, Box has added two new modern collaboration tools, Skills and Graph, to its roster to help shake up file sharing. Read More

How can a local file inclusion attack be stopped?

By Judith Myerson 13 Dec 2017

A botnet-based local file inclusion attack targeted IBM X-Force customers. Expert Judith Myerson explains how these attacks work and how enterprises can defend against them. Read More

How to create and edit HTTP response header configuration files

By Judith Myerson 12 Dec 2017

HTTP response header configuration files on servers need to be set up properly to secure sensitive data. Expert Judith Myerson outlines how to do this on different types of servers. Read More

Cloudian HyperFile marries NAS and object storage

By Sonia Lelii 07 Dec 2017

Cloudian's HyperFile and HyperStore merge NAS and object storage for unstructured data. The new HyperFile appliance targets medical imaging, engineering files and legal documents. Read More

New Citrix ShareFile features automate workflows

By Alyssa Provazza 06 Nov 2017

Organizations that perform repetitious business tasks can benefit from Citrix ShareFile's workflow feature, which has seen numerous updates recently. Read More

HMRC IT systems crash as customers attempt to file tax returns

By Lis Evenstad 08 Jan 2018

Several HMRC IT systems crashed on Saturday, leaving customers attempting to file their tax returns frustrated as the deadline approaches Read More

How are Windows shortcut files vulnerable to attacks?

By Judith Myerson 10 Oct 2017

A Windows vulnerability targets shortcut files and enables hackers to automatically execute code. Expert Judith Myerson explains the flaw and how to stop it. Read More