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file: In data processing, using an office metaphor, a file is a related collection of records.

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Problem solve Jan 23, 2002

Registering files

Create a .reg file to register and unregister com components. Continue Reading


Problem solve Nov 05, 2001

Copy file to import file

Check out this tip to learn an easy way to copy the database file into a flat file. Continue Reading


Manage Aug 11, 2001

Signature Files

What do you do when your users want a signature file in R4 and the personal stationary is not deemed a satisfactory solution? Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 09, 2003


Problem solve Jan 14, 2003

Automatically rebuild logical files

Automatically rebuild logical files after changing a physical file. Continue Reading


Problem solve Oct 01, 2002

Convert spool file to image file

There has always been a need to convert spool file into PC supported file for many reasons. Continue Reading


By Ken Graap Problem solve Feb 11, 2008

Identifying large Integrated File System files

ISeries backup and recovery expert Ken Graap discusses how to find large files in the integrated file system (IFS). Continue Reading


Problem solve Jul 24, 2000

Paging file alternatives

Administrator Tip: Paging file alternatives Continue Reading


Problem solve Sep 22, 2005

Opening secure files with FileReader

One of the best ways to keep files secure in an NT-kernel environment is through the use of NTFS permissions. Here, site expert Jonathan Hassell explains how to access these secure files through FileReader. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jan 07, 2004

Printing to PDF file

Want to print to a PDF file? Continue Reading