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Finding the best VDI storage

By Brien Posey 25 Oct 2017

Companies that want to stand up a VDI deployment can choose from a variety of storage options, from traditional storage technologies to more creative approaches, such as layering. Read More

Find your perfect partners in 2018

07 Nov 2017

The right partners could be right under your nose says Karen Oosthuizen from Aberdeen Group. But how can you find them and ensure they achieve their potential? Read More

Researchers find trove of 1.4 billion credentials

By Warwick Ashford 12 Dec 2017

Security researchers have discovered what is believed to be the largest aggregate database found in the dark web to date, prompting fresh calls for improved identity management Read More

Ask the expert: Finding value in drones for business use

By Brian Holak 13 Nov 2017

The use of drones for business is gaining popularity, but the technology's value will vary widely across industries as use cases expand, according to Anil Nanduri of Intel. Read More

Fall Creators Update Finds Surface Pen

By Ed Tittel 10 Nov 2017

Among a range of new and interesting features, Fall Creators Update finds Surface Pen is one of my favorites. Here's a demo. Read More

Finding a digital transformation roadmap with containers

By Chris Tozzi 29 Aug 2017

Containers can help a company trying a digital transformation, but they're not without drawbacks. Expert Christopher Tozzi shares the right questions to ask. Read More

How to find the best cloud backup approach

By Phil Sweeney 28 Aug 2017

Running applications in the cloud doesn't mean you can forget about a backup strategy. So where do you turn? Read More

Why open network systems are so difficult to find

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 20 Oct 2017

Bloggers explore open network systems, look into the development of unified security operations and analytics, and recommend how to tweak an Ansible playbook. Read More

Use APM tools to find app anomalies, wherever they occur

By Joel Shore 11 Dec 2017

Publisher Penguin Random House turns to New Relic APM tools to find application inefficiencies during development and testing to ensure peak performance in production. Read More

How to find the best SIEM system for your company

By Karen Scarfone 28 Sep 2017

On the hunt for the best SIEM tool for your company? Learn how to evaluate the capabilties of the newest security information and event management products. Read More