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By Keith Townsend ,Kevin Beaver ,Craig Mathias Manage Apr 21, 2016

Find the security advantage in SDN

The implications of software-defined networking (SDN) are still being sorted out. Still, there is little doubt that this approach brings sweeping changes throughout the IT infrastructure and the way it is managed.... Continue Reading


By Nick Booth Feb 26, 2016

Channel matchmaker finds a few more to consider

Nick Booth finds more companies looking for UK partners with millions to back their channel marketing programme Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz News Mar 25, 2016

Finding the consumer mobile 'happy path'

Redbox, a video rental company, is well past the tipping point for its customers being on mobile. But capturing sales requires understanding their 'happy path.' Continue Reading


By Stuart Burns Evaluate Mar 22, 2016

Finding the right fit for Docker microservices

Despite competition from the VMware Photon Platform, Docker microservices still offer appealing benefits to administrators looking to avoid over specification and cut costs. Continue Reading


By Emily McLaughlin Evaluate Apr 27, 2016


By Fred Churchville Evaluate Apr 22, 2016

How businesses can find happiness in the API market

We often hear about the importance of the API economy, but are today's businesses prepared for the transition to this new paradigm? Sassan Saedi of Nexmo offers his take in this Q&A. Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad Apr 22, 2016

Barnet Council audit finds some Capita services lacking

The internal audit reports show a series of failings by supplier Capita, such as “no documented IT disaster recovery plans” and gaps in change management processes Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Apr 14, 2016

Businesses need educating in cloud security, report finds

There is a 'c-level blindspot' when it comes to cloud security, according to a new report from Intel. Channel... to the rescue! Continue Reading


By Jennifer Lent Get Started Apr 07, 2016

Find the joy in Agile teamwork -- it's easier than you think

Want a productive Agile team? Then you need a group of people who truly trust each other. Expert Jennifer Lent explains how to create a workplace developers will love. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Mar 30, 2016

Users find harmony in Cisco, VMware SDN software

Baystate Health and Sugar Creek Packing give Cisco and VMware SDN software separate chores in data center networks. Continue Reading