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By Valerie Silverthorne Manage Nov 10, 2015

Can't hire? Find best strategies for outsourcing developers

Software developers are in very short supply, but outsourcing can be tricky. Find out what experts suggest to make outsourcing a success at your company. Continue Reading


News Aug 18, 2015

Finding a way off data isolation island

New technology is supposed to eliminate problems. With data isolation, new business tools are only making the longstanding issue worse. Companies are amassing on-premises tools and cloud applications. And those ... Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne News Oct 20, 2015

Hiring software developers? Find out what really works

With a global software developer shortage predicted to get worse, hiring software developers has become very difficult. Get expert advice on what works. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Evaluate Sep 18, 2015

Virtual routers find evolving carrier network uses

Virtual routers work well in some parts of carrier networks, but not everywhere. Now, mobile, cloud and SDN offer evolving uses for virtual routing. Continue Reading


By Nick Booth Nov 27, 2015

Government fumbles around, unable to find the spot on the G-Cloud

Nick Booth canvasses some opinion about just what is happening with G-Cloud Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Nov 25, 2015

Government explores altnet fund and finds cash for mobile broadband

In the spending review, the government announced the possibility of setting up a new fund to invest in altnets and found £550m to support more spectrum for mobile broadband Continue Reading


By Amy Larsen DeCarlo Evaluate Sep 09, 2015

How to find the best network management tools today

Finding the best network management tools today can be a challenge. Here's guidance on how to proceed. Continue Reading


By Kathleen Richards Evaluate Sep 01, 2015

Finding the right balance in hybrid cloud security

The growing complexity of hybrid cloud security has many CIOs working to update their controls, particularly with cloud resources, which offer less visibility. Continue Reading


By Clive Longbottom News Aug 24, 2015

Finding the right big data appliance for your business

A big data appliance should be chosen carefully to ensure its value to the business warrants the expenditure Continue Reading


By Ed Burns News Aug 21, 2015

Providers find routes to healthcare data analytics

The record-keeping systems used by most healthcare providers don't make analyzing the data easy, but some providers are finding a way around these challenges. Continue Reading