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By Kara Gattine Get Started Sep 18, 2014

Types of firewalls: An introduction to firewalls

To keep your network data secure, start with this introduction to firewalls. This tutorial provides an overview of what firewalls are and what benefits they provide, how they work and different firewall types. Get ... Continue Reading


By Brad Casey Get Started Mar 05, 2015

Virtualized firewall servers and other bad ideas

Virtualization is a great idea, but not for everything in the data center. Even if your goal is 100% virtualization, leave these servers off the list. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Get Started Feb 24, 2015

Introduction to next-generation firewalls in the enterprise

Expert Mike Villegas explains how the integrated security platforms that are NGFWs better protect enterprise networks from attacks and intrusion. Continue Reading


By Brad Causey Evaluate Feb 17, 2015

Introduction to Web application firewalls in the enterprise

Expert Brad Causey takes a close look at Web application firewalls, explains how WAF technology can prevent Internet-based attacks from known and unknown applications threats, and offers advice on WAF management ... Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Dec 04, 2014

Corero warns of firewall weakness

Network security player Corero has warned that changes in the way DDOS attacks are launched could leave some firewalls struggling to provide protection Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Apr 10, 2015

AWS security groups vs. traditional firewalls: What's the difference?

AWS security groups provide network-based blocking mechanisms, much like traditional firewalls. Expert Dan Sullivan explains the differences between the two. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Get Started Apr 06, 2015

The secrets of proper firewall maintenance and security testing techniques

The Verizon 2015 PCI Compliance Report cited a lack of firewall maintenance and security testing as major causes for compliances breaches. Expert Kevin Beaver offers tips to successfully manage these tasks. Continue Reading


By Karen Scarfone Evaluate Mar 18, 2015

Stop app attacks with a Web application firewall

App attacks are multiplying. But before you buy a Web application firewall, learn about WAF technology and how it protects your apps. Continue Reading


By Brad Causey Get Started Mar 17, 2015

Four questions to ask before buying a Web application firewall

Web application firewalls are complex products. Expert Brad Causey explains the key criteria enterprises need to consider before investing in a WAF product. Continue Reading


By Eric Cole Problem Solve Mar 16, 2015

How to prevent firewall failures with proper testing and maintenance

Expert Eric Cole explains how to remedy an underperforming or failing firewall with proper maintenance and testing. Continue Reading