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Manage Feb 03, 2010

Where does BPEL fit in?

Business Process Execution Language is part of a long history of defining g Web services-based business processes. Discover the features of BPEL and how it fits with related standards such as REST, WSDL, and BPMN. Continue Reading


Jun 14, 2006


Manage Aug 06, 2003

Fit views to window or table width

Here's a tip to get the view/table to fit the width of the window or region it is within, so all of your views can look consistent. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jul 06, 2005

Splitting the string to fit in standard text

Need to split your string into 72 characters? Use this handy method and your string will fit the characters in standard text. Continue Reading


By Scott Hamilton Problem Solve Sep 01, 2008

How do APS and ERP fit together?

How does APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) functionality fit into ERP systems? Find out in this expert response. Continue Reading


By Mark Brunelli News Mar 07, 2007

Hyperion's fit with Fusion not entirely clear

Oracle's Hyperion acquisition has IT industry analysts trying to figure out exactly how the BI vendor fits into Oracle's Fusion plans. Continue Reading

By Blair Pleasant News Mar 13, 2009

How does Cisco fit into the UC world?

Every month, we are profiling a different vendor in the unified communications (UC) market. Find out about Cisco's position in the UC market and how it may fit into your UC strategy. Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Sep 23, 2005

BT takes staff online in fitness drive

Over 15% of the BT workforce has signed up to an online corporate fitness initiative. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jul 09, 2003

Is there a warranty of fitness for an open source application?

An expert replies to the question: "Is there a warranty of fitness for an open source application?" Continue Reading


News Aug 19, 2009

ScanSafe and Business Fitness announce partnership

ScanSafe Services LLC has announced that its security SaaS offering will now be offered through Business Fitness. Business Fitness is an IT/telecommunications advisor company. Continue Reading