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By Shaun Sutner Evaluate Sep 26, 2016

Physician fits bracelet wearable into fitness and fashion

A cardiologist and medical adviser to health IT startups sports a bracelet-style wearable from Jawbone for workouts and her job and says wearables in healthcare are here to stay. Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne Problem Solve Sep 28, 2016

Why containers aren't one size fits all

At a time when it seems containers and microservices are practically all everyone is talking about, it's easy to think they're a no-brainer solution to so many development problems. But it's not ... Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Evaluate Nov 09, 2016

How Microsoft's EMET fits into the Windows security arsenal

Windows administrators can use Microsoft EMET to enhance security. The tool protects specific executable files or an entire network. Continue Reading


By Carrie Higbie Goetz Evaluate Oct 04, 2016

How do WebRTC services fit in a UC infrastructure?

WebRTC services can supplement your UC architecture and real-time collaboration strategy. Discover the benefits of deploying WebRTC to simplify communications. Continue Reading


By Beth Stackpole Manage Nov 30, 2016

No one-size-fits-all strategy for cloud ERP software migration

Experts say a cloud ERP transition plan will vary according to a variety of factors, from company size to an organization's predisposition for risk. Continue Reading


By Bill Goodwin Nov 21, 2016

Foot Locker to roll out ‘best fit’ recruitment software after productivity hike

Sports retailer to adopt online software to identify best job candidates after its use led to double-digit rise in team performance in US stores Continue Reading


By Ed Burns Evaluate Aug 31, 2016

Why physicists are a good fit for data science jobs

With data scientists in short supply, physicists and other academic researchers from hard-science disciplines are increasingly finding places on data science teams -- and even leading big data analytics projects. Continue Reading


By Jon Arnold Manage Aug 29, 2016

How should mobile-first apps fit in our UC strategy?

Mobile-first collaboration is a vital part of a UC strategy. Industry expert Jon Arnold explains why organizations must prioritize mobile collaboration for their employees. Continue Reading


By Tayla Holman News Aug 19, 2016

Many health and fitness apps lack privacy policies

A recent study by the Future of Privacy Forum found that the top health and fitness apps lag behind other types of apps in terms of privacy policies -- only 70% of the top 100 health and fitness ... Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Ed Burns News Nov 03, 2016

Cognitive computing systems a natural fit for IoT devices

The internet of things is more than just a data source for analytics. Powered by cognitive computing platforms, it can turn devices into conversant tools. Continue Reading