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Fixing Black Win10 Desktop

By Ed Tittel 03 Nov 2017

Every now and then my Win10 desktop goes black. That means I've learned that fixing black Win10 Desktop is easy. Here's how. Read More

Can fixed wireless access fix business connectivity problems?

By Alex Scroxton 24 Aug 2017

Fixed wireless access is being touted as a panacea for poor network connectivity, but is it a viable solution, and what are the benefits for businesses? Read More

Fixing Win10 Volsnap.sys Issues

By Ed Tittel 27 Oct 2017

With the right ingredients, fixing Win10 Volsnap.sys issues turns out to be both quick and simple. Read More

A bug fix always beats a round of risk assessments

By Cameron McKenzie 26 Sep 2017

When static code analysis tools identify a bug in the production code, there are two approaches organizations can take. The sensible one is to put a software developer or two on the problem and ... Read More

Fix CCleaner Install Hang

By Ed Tittel 05 May 2017

A locked-up install sends me searching for solutions, but it turns out that the best way to fix CCleaner install hang is simple and easy. Read More

Instagram fixes API blamed for celebrity data leaks

By Warwick Ashford 31 Aug 2017

Instagram says it has fixed the API responsible for enabling hackers to access some personal details of high-profile users of the service Read More

National wireless network alternative to fixed broadband for Ireland

By Alex Scroxton 08 Aug 2017

Huawei and CSP Imagine Communications plan to build a countrywide wireless broadband network across Ireland Read More

October 2017 Patch Tuesday includes Windows zero-day fix

By Michael Heller 11 Oct 2017

The top priority for Microsoft's October 2017 Patch Tuesday goes to a Windows zero-day vulnerability, but IT should also beware of two publicly disclosed flaws. Read More

Will the review of Gov.uk Verify fix the UK's digital identity problems?

By Jerry Fishenden 11 Oct 2017

The rumoured review of the UK government’s identity assurance programme provides the ideal opportunity to fix problems and accelerate progress Read More

Three to expand into fixed broadband

By Alex Scroxton 06 Feb 2017

Mobile network operator Three is to acquire UK Broadband, heralding an expansion into fixed broadband services for the first time Read More