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By Ed Tittel Problem solve Jan 09, 2003

Computer forensics certifications

Here is some info for those seeking certifications in computer forensics. Continue Reading


Jul 14, 2008

iPod Forensics

Read about how to conduct forensic investigations with data retrieved from an iPod. Continue Reading


Apr 28, 2014

Digital Forensics Processing and Procedures

In this excerpt from Digital Forensics Processing and Procedures, the authors provide insight on areas that will need to be considered when setting up a forensic laboratory. Continue Reading


By Dejan Lukan Get started Jan 29, 2014

Cloud forensics: An intro to cloud network forensic data collection

This introduction to cloud forensics explores the challenges of collecting cloud network forensic data and finding a provider to support the process. Continue Reading


By Ian Grant Aug 20, 2007

Police recover stolen forensic server

Police have recovered a server stolen from Sevenoaks-based Forensic Telecommunications Services. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Jan 05, 2011

Digital forensic investigation procedure: Form a computer forensics policy

Suffering a breach is problem enough without having to create a forensics plan on the spot. Learn how to craft a forensic readiness policy to lessen the time and impact of a data breach. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Manage Mar 03, 2014

Attack obfuscation: How attackers thwart forensics investigations

Expert Nick Lewis explains how attackers utilize offensive forensics techniques to thwart forensics investigations. Continue Reading


By Michael Mimoso Aug 03, 2007

Forensics software security holes revealed

Researchers from iSEC Partners tell the Black Hat 2007 audience that the industry's leading forensics software is susceptible to attack. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Apr 15, 2014

(ISC)² launches cyber forensics credential in Europe

(ISC)² has announced the availability of its Certified Cyber Forensics Professional certification in Europe Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Jan 21, 2008

Open University starts computer forensics course

A new computer forensics postgraduate course is being offered by The Open University. Continue Reading