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frame: See frames for the use of multiple Web pages on a single display screen.

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IoT Agenda

Get Started Jul 19, 2016

Framing your enterprise IoT approach

There is no one-size-fits-all enterprise IoT approach, but there are four common requirements and challenges almost every IoT project will encounter. Read more in our IoT guide. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate Jan 27, 2016

How can I enable jumbo frame support in ESXi?

Jumbo frames can help reduce network latency under the right conditions, but it's important to ensure your entire network is set up to support it. Continue Reading


By Justin Meisinger Jul 29, 2015


By Justin Meisinger Jul 28, 2015


By Kayleigh Bateman Jul 08, 2015

IT sector needs 're-framing', says 2015's most influential woman in UK IT

The winner of Computer Weekly's most influential woman in IT accolade, Jacqueline De Rojas, says the industry needs to be re-framed to attract problem-solving women Continue Reading


By Brian Madden Jul 01, 2015

Frame launches cloud-based H.264 Windows remote app service for enterprises.

Back in 2013, I wrote about a startup called "Mainframe2", a new company that delivers Windows desktop apps as a service from AWS to a browser. They had an impressive demo of Autodesk Inventor running in the cloud ... Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Problem Solve Dec 19, 2012

Avoiding the invisible: How to defend against iFrame attacks

How can enterprises and users protect themselves from malicious content embedded in iFrames? Expert Nick Lewis explores iFrame attack mitigations. Continue Reading


By Jennifer Scott Jul 12, 2012

O2 outage puts Huawei in the frame

O2 is entering its second day of downtime blaming a fault with one of its network systems Continue Reading


By Mark Brunelli News Jan 31, 2012

From the Editors: Framing the case for enterprise data virtualization

There’s no lack of choices to consider if you’re looking at a possible data virtualization deployment -- both in terms of the vendors offering tools and the potential uses for the technology. Continue Reading


News Sep 07, 2011

Freeze frames from Securitybyte 2011 Day 2

As Day 2 of Securitybyte 2011 clears the way for two more days of action-packed workshops, we take a look at today’s highlights. Continue Reading