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frame: See frames for the use of multiple Web pages on a single display screen.

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Feb 17, 2007

Frame relay protocols and configuration

This chapter download by Wendell Odom reviews the details of how frame relay accomplishes its goal of delivering frames to multiple WAN connected sites. It also describes the frame relay protocol details, along ... Continue Reading


May 15, 2002

Refresh or replace content of another frame

Refresh or replace content of another frame Continue Reading


Sep 20, 2000

Clearing the obstacle of frames

The British Olympic Association's Web designer eschews frames like a steroid-free athlete avoids drugs Continue Reading


Manage Nov 15, 2001

Target that frame on the Web

If you want to target a frame on the Web from within your document, here's a quick and easy way to do it. Continue Reading


Jul 10, 2001

Accessing actions on other frames

If you place your buttons in a seperate frame to your view you can still use the Domino built-in navigations commands. Continue Reading


Evaluate Mar 21, 2007

Frame relay as a networking option

If you need to share data between business locations but wince at the cost of full time dedicated trunk lines, consider frame relay as a viable cost saving alternative. Continue Reading


Apr 04, 2007

Fibre Channel frame weaknesses

Fibre Channel frame weaknesses include sequence weaknesses and session hijacking. Find out what to watch for in excerpt from "Securing Storage: A Practical Guide to SAN and NAS Security." Continue Reading

By Tessa Parmenter News Feb 03, 2010

Frame relay vs. ATM networks

Learn the differences between frame relay and ATM networks in this Q&A. Continue Reading


By Lindi Horton Problem Solve Oct 05, 2008

Minimum and maximum Ethernet frame sizes

In this Q&A, our network administration expert addresses Ethernet frame sizes, as well as minimum and maximum sizes of Ethernet frames that carry IP and ICMP. Continue Reading


Manage Nov 19, 2001

Passing CGI variables to frames in a frameset

When you use framesets and want to open a form in one of the frames and want to pass some CGI variables to the form. Continue Reading