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By Mekhala Roy News Dec 02, 2016

Get future-ready for omnishoppers

This week, Cyber Monday sales hit a new record with consumers spending $3.4 billion on online shopping. In Searchlight, Senior Executive Editor Linda Tucci spoke with research analysts to find out ... Continue Reading


By Clive Longbottom Nov 28, 2016

Future of the server operating system

We look at the evolution of the server operating system, and how the next generation is moving into the cloud Continue Reading


Nov 01, 2016

The future of connected cars

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we examine how software is reshaping the car industry, with internet-connected cars presenting challenges and opportunities for the sector. IT suppliers are putting up prices in the ... Continue Reading


Dec 01, 2016

CW ASEAN: Building a digital future

In this month's CW ASEAN, read how Singapore is investing in technologies and skills to become a leader in the digital age. We analyze how the government has reorganized two departments to help digital technology ... Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani News Sep 15, 2016

The mobile future of business and Apple

What does the corporate mobile future look like? One industry observer says mobile devices will be used for many more tasks. Where does Apple fit in? Continue Reading


By Alan R. Earls Problem Solve Nov 04, 2016

A look at the future of data storage careers

Thanks to virtualization, the cloud and solid-state technology, data storage professionals and those who want to pursue a career in it face an uncertain future. Continue Reading


Sep 23, 2016

The future of mobile data post-Brexit

Lorrin White, managing director of Bamboo Technology Group, wonders if price rises will be the silver lining for UK telcos hungry to invest in their networks? Continue Reading


By Beverley Head Nov 21, 2016

Future of Apple Pay Australia still unresolved

There are still uncertainties over Apple Pay among Australia’s big banks, but smaller finance firms are looking at ways to offer the payment service to their customers Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Dirk Paessler Get Started Sep 14, 2016

The future of IoT is unwritten

The internet of things has tremendous potential, affecting everything from everyday life to manufacturing to cities. However, the future of IoT is largely unwritten. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Sep 09, 2016

RSA upbeat about future in Dell Technologies

RSA to maintain its independence, but will benefit from being part of Dell Technologies, says RSA president Amit Yoran Continue Reading