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By Geoffrey Bock Evaluate Feb 02, 2015

Website personalization gains currency

Companies are finding that website personalization through tailored, contextual content is critical in expanding reach and creating new audiences. Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne Manage Mar 04, 2015

Gaining acceptance for DevOps in the cloud

For cloud-based DevOps to work, companies must get buy-in from developers, LOB and management; continuously monitor success; and embrace automation. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Manage Apr 01, 2015

Gain hands-on security experience in Exchange

To ensure a resilient Exchange setup, admins must know how to run tests, find vulnerabilities and examine Exchange's reaction to simulated attacks. Continue Reading


By Eric Slack Get Started Mar 04, 2015

Repurpose backup and archive data to gain value

Can backup and archive data be mined for business analysis? Continue Reading


Apr 23, 2015

Mobile development looks inwards as internal facing apps gain traction

As enterprise moves forward to provide employees with the apps they need for maximum productivity, everything is on the table for reinvention. A mix of standardized and customized solutions will be required by big ... Continue Reading


By Mary Driscoll Evaluate Nov 18, 2014

Business sustainability gains newfound importance

Business sustainability has moved beyond green initiatives to become an indicator of long-term success in many areas, requiring companies to carefully collect and disseminate data on their sustainable business ... Continue Reading


Jan 12, 2015


Mar 30, 2015

Business intelligence gains ground in Italy’s manufacturing industry

How Italian manufacturers Bticino and Raccorderie Metalliche are using BI to be more efficient and agile Continue Reading


By Eugene Demaitre Evaluate Dec 17, 2014

Alternative OS and productivity suites gain steam

Admins considering open source alternatives to Microsoft desktops should know what an alternative OS, office suite or graphics editor can do. Continue Reading