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By Steve Weissman ,Lauren Horwitz Evaluate Nov 17, 2015

Records managers gain stature

Records managers have long been belittled by corporate executives and viewed as locked in their own world of classifying, filing and occasionally retrieving documents. But with their world expanding, records ... Continue Reading


By Alissa Irei News Nov 02, 2015

Why SDN is gaining traction in the enterprise

Software-defined networking isn't just for carriers, cloud providers and hyper-scale Web companies. Instead of asking "Why SDN?", some mainstream enterprises are asking "Why not?" Continue Reading


By Chris Maxcer Manage Nov 23, 2015

Tablet use, mobility in the manufacturing sector gains traction

Analysts say tablet use is on the rise in the manufacturing sector. As an illustration, here's a look at how Kawasaki Motors is using mobility to drive operational efficiencies. Continue Reading


Nov 05, 2015

Free software gains ground in the Italian public administration

Italy's Ministry of Defence is pioneering the use of open-source office productivity tools with the migration of 150,000 PCs to LibreOffice Continue Reading


By Dan Ring Evaluate Oct 29, 2015

Cloud business budgeting software gains in large enterprises

Intel Security, LinkedIn, Spotify, Golden State Warriors and HomeServices of America this year turned to the cloud for financial planning and analysis. Continue Reading


By Jessica Sirkin News Oct 21, 2015

The Azure SQL Data Warehouse gains an auditing feature

Microsoft announced that it had enabled an auditing feature for the Azure SQL Data Warehouse. The new feature has many benefits, but storing audit logs won't be free. Continue Reading


By Alex Barrett News Oct 20, 2015

Microsoft containers gain data center momentum

Container technology continues to gain momentum in the data center and now Microsoft has joined in on the fun. Continue Reading


By Scott Sachs Manage Oct 02, 2015

Contact center management gains insight with talent management

Talent management software can help contact centers make more technology-driven decisions to better judge recruiting and agent retention practices. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Reilly Get Started Sep 11, 2015

Container technology continues to gain ground with VMware

Containers have been one of the hottest topics in all of 2015. There are some drawbacks but is it enough to slow down the technology's momentum? Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Nov 23, 2015

UK economy could gain £14bn by investing in digital skills

A report by the Tinder Foundation and Go On UK reveals that investing in digital skills could produce £14bn for the economy Continue Reading