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Aug 15, 2016

Gain insights into customer behaviour

Predictive analytics can give marketing campaigns a head start, but business stakeholders may need convincing Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Nov 21, 2016

Smaller tech firms to gain greater government support

The Prime Minister Teresa May has pledged greater support for UK-based tech firms, particularly through public sector procurement Continue Reading


By Jesse Scardina News Nov 18, 2016

Unstructured data analysis gains importance for businesses

As content management continues to evolve, companies need to invest in automating business processes and tools that analyze structured and unstructured data. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Aug 31, 2016

All-flash VSAN gaining speed

When buzzwords collide: Flash storage is making its mark on hyper-convergence, and VMware VSAN customers are giving all-flash VSAN clusters a try. Continue Reading


By Alissa Irei News Nov 01, 2016

Cloud-native networking gains fans in the enterprise

Cloudy with a chance of networking: Forecast calls for increasing cooperation between enterprise clouds and networks, as IT pros explore how to meet new infrastructure challenges. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Oct 04, 2016

Nuvias snaps up Siphon to gain UC expertise

The Nuvias Group continues to add distributors to its roster to widen its technology coverage Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner News Mar 30, 2016

Telemedicine gaining acceptance

Telemedicine is moving steadily from the margins of healthcare to the mainstream, according to a new industry survey. Nearly two-thirds of the 390 clinicians and healthcare executives who ... Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Problem Solve Oct 27, 2016

How does auto-rooting malware LevelDropper gain device root access?

Auto-rooting app LevelDropper has the ability to silently root devices and gain system level privileges. Expert Michael Cobb explains how to detect and stop it. Continue Reading


By Peter O'Kelly Evaluate Apr 18, 2016

Slack Technologies gains enterprise momentum

Slack has earned a coveted spot in the collaboration software tools market. Can it avoid the fate of previously forsaken collaboration tools? Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Jul 11, 2016

Outdated IT limits retail gains from customer data

Legacy IT systems are making it more difficult for retailers to collect and use customer data to improve services Continue Reading