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By Colin Steele Evaluate Oct 11, 2016

Smartphone recycling is good for the enterprise

As new mobile devices hit the market, consumers and companies discard old, but still usable, ones. Hyla Mobile touts the environmental and fiscal benefits of smartphone recycling. Continue Reading


By Fiona O'Cleirigh Oct 11, 2016

A Good American: Surveillance, 9/11 and the NSA

Computer Weekly sat down to watch Friedrich Moser's documentary about the NSA whistleblower Bill Binney - A Good American Continue Reading


By David Carty News Sep 29, 2016

Using AWS Lambda means taking the good with the bad

Many enterprises automate back-end services with serverless computing, but it isn't perfect. One adopter outlines AWS Lambda's benefits and caveats. Continue Reading


By Dean Sorensen Evaluate Sep 16, 2016

Are strategic CPM tools any good for strategic planning?

To stay relevant, strategic CPM software will need to incorporate more advanced modeling and other tools for integrated planning and performance management. Continue Reading


Sep 13, 2016

A Good American: a personal take on mass surveillance

Director Friedrich Moser draws some conclusions on mass surveillance from his groundbreaking documentary on the work of NSA whistleblower, Bill Binney Continue Reading


By Ed Burns Evaluate Aug 31, 2016

Why physicists are a good fit for data science jobs

With data scientists in short supply, physicists and other academic researchers from hard-science disciplines are increasingly finding places on data science teams -- and even leading big data analytics projects. Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Manage Aug 29, 2016

Backup of mobile data: What is a good testing strategy?

Working remotely can cause a backup and recovery issue for your organization. For improved security of mobile data, test its backup and restore capabilities. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Jul 26, 2016

Why Google Chromeboxes are a good budget VDI client

Picking the right endpoint for a VDI deployment is important. Organizations can turn to Google Chromebox devices to save money and simplify management. Continue Reading


By Craig Mathias Manage Jul 22, 2016

Why it's good the mobile handset market is boring

From version to version, mobile device releases aren't that different. It might make for a boring news cycle, but it keeps prices down and simplifies the learning curve for users and IT. Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani Evaluate Jul 22, 2016

'Promiscuous' users redefine bounds of good mobile security

To meet today's mobility demands -- and deliver good mobile security -- organizations must balance business and user needs, says Gartner's Dionisio Zumerle in this SearchCIO interview. Continue Reading