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By Billy MacInnes Aug 20, 2014

How good is good enough?

Are companies spending too much on their IT, or not getting value for money because it is under-utilised? 'Good enough' IT might provide an answer, writes Billy MacInnes Continue Reading


Jun 29, 2007

Good project managers essential

Project managers are needed, readers say, but they must be good. And certifications don't automatically make them good. Continue Reading


By Jens Bruntt Manage Aug 01, 2001

Creating good URL keys

How to create a good URL from a "bad" string containing characters that should not be in a URL. Continue Reading


Manage Sep 08, 2005

Good relationship management skills

Author Charles Cresson Wood outlines the importance of good relationship management skills in this excerpt from 'Information Security Roles and Responsibilities Made Easy.' Continue Reading


May 11, 2004

Why paranoia is good

Paranoia is good - who exactly is out to get me? That is one of the themes to be addressed by Chris Devine, head of IT at Camelot... Continue Reading

News Nov 19, 2007

Telecommuting - good for business

Telecommuting does more good than harm to businesses, according to a group of psychologists that examined 20 years' worth of studies recently. Continue Reading


Problem solve Aug 05, 2004

Week 33: Pretty Good Privacy --More than pretty good

In this week's column Shelley talks about Pretty Good Privacy. Continue Reading


Problem solve May 04, 2006

Checkpoints of good database design

What are the checkpoints to design a good database? Continue Reading


Problem solve May 02, 2001

What makes a good database?

Find out the fundamentals of what makes a good database. Continue Reading


Feb 04, 2004

Good Technology upgrades wireless software

Good Technology has released the latest version of its wireless software with enhanced features for both IT managers and mobile... Continue Reading