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Softcat continues to deliver the goods

By Simon Quicke 18 Oct 2017

Investors who put their faith in Softcat continue to see that decision repaid as the firm updated the market on the full fiscal year numbers Read More

The 3 Gs of a good presentation

By Brian Holak 11 Aug 2017

In this SearchCIO video, Charles Hooper, author of 59 Minutes to Great Storytelling, gives advice for giving a great presentation, including his "three Gs." Read More

"Good morning, how may I assist you?"

By Zach Emmanuel 11 Dec 2017

Robots should be ideal at home or in the workplace, right? These fully co-operative, obedient and reliable machines should make all our lives easier, right? They can’t think for themselves, they ... Read More

Responsible sourcing can be good for business

By Jim O'Donnell 20 Nov 2017

A company's reputation and bottom line can be damaged if its suppliers engage in harmful practices. Responsible sourcing and risk assessment technology can help mitigate the harm. Read More

Acquisition good for channel partner playbooks, Datto claims

By Alex Scroxton 30 Oct 2017

Datto says its acquisition by private equity will enable its partners to sell an enhanced managed services solution stack into their customers Read More

It's a good time for QA professionals -- here's why

By Jennifer Lent 08 Jun 2017

When testing is brought into the development process early, everything just works better. Jennifer Lent explains how and why QA pros are finally being taken seriously. Read More

Good data quality for analytics becomes an IT imperative

By Craig Stedman 18 Oct 2017

High-quality data is a must for analytics applications. That's driving more demand for data quality tools, but quality initiatives are still maturing in many companies. Read More

There’s nothing to beat good honest deception

By Nick Booth 21 Sep 2017

Never mind disruption, the best game in town is Deceptive Technology finds Nick Booth Read More

Hyper-convergence: the good, the bad and the ugly

By Rene Millman 19 Jun 2017

Hyper-converged technologies are gaining traction, but what can they do for your organisation Read More

Commvault GO: ‘Sully,’ Swan emphasize good data’s value

By Dave Raffo 14 Nov 2017

We hear a lot of talk these days about machine learning and artificial intelligence. Those are hot and valuable technologies, but two speakers at Commvault GO last week highlighted the importance ... Read More