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By Sean McGrath Sep 01, 2014

Say goodbye to the old-SQL curriculum

Say goodbye to legacy IT classes: New curriculum touches down, teaching youngsters how to code. Is this a dream come true for the IT sector? Continue Reading


Jan 15, 2015

Amatis Networks waves goodbye to LUN woes and deploys Tintri hybrid flash

Managed service provider Amatis Networks deploys Tintri hybrid flash to slash latency and cut time-consuming LUN storage management overheads Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales News Oct 10, 2014

HP waves goodbye to the age of the IT generalist

Analysts and CIOs laud HP's split into two businesses as the market tips toward the nimble IT specialist. Also in Searchlight: Samsung's smartphone business plummets; Mozilla's bug tracker catches a bug. Continue Reading


Oct 04, 2013

Goodbye, old backup app

There’s hope for storage shops straining to back up ever-growing data stores, but it might mean using a modern backup alternative instead of a traditional backup app. The usual scenario of weekly fulls/daily ... Continue Reading


Get Started Dec 02, 2013

Goodbye, sysadmins; hello, software developers

As organizations are moving towards cloud computing, sysadmins are losing their relevance in software development. Continue Reading


By Jessica Scarpati News Oct 10, 2013

Goodbye, guest Wi-Fi passwords: Cisco taps Facebook for authentication

Tired of guest Wi-Fi users complaining about passwords? Cisco has partnered with Facebook to ease authentication and personalize wireless services. Continue Reading


By Jennifer Scott Aug 06, 2012

Goodbye Wi-Fi, hello WiGig

The organisation behind the new wireless standard says WiGig will be the wireless technology for the enterprise. Continue Reading


By Tim Anderson Sep 13, 2011


By Eric Siebert News Aug 24, 2011

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye … to Eric Siebert

Eric Siebert is leaving, after writing countless tips and columns. In his final article, Siebert recounts his favorite assignments and experiences as a writer. Continue Reading


Oct 19, 2010

Scenes from VMworld Europe 2010: Goodbye

An attendee leaves VMworld Europe as the show comes to a close. Continue Reading