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Problem Solve Apr 12, 2002

Authorization groups

Learn the basics of authorization groups in this extensive tip. Continue Reading


Manage Jan 08, 2004

Group cleanup

How to quickly change full names in a group to the abbreviated format. Continue Reading


By Alon Raskin Problem Solve Dec 08, 2006

Group Workflows

Did you know SAP workflows can be routed to individuals and groups of people, even grouped by position? Alon Raskin explains options for workfow recipients. Continue Reading


By Rudy Limeback Problem Solve Oct 28, 2005


Could you give us a situation where both DISTINCT and GROUP BY are required? Continue Reading


Get Started Nov 14, 2004

Security groups

This excerpt from Chapter 5 of "The definitive guide to Windows 2000 security" explains how groups are enhanced and used in Windows 2000. Continue Reading


By Rudy Limeback Problem Solve Aug 04, 2006

Instant grouping!

I have a table with two columns, C1 and C2. I want to create a report so that on grouping C1 it should retrieve as follows. Please help me with the query. Continue Reading


By Scott Ingvaldson Problem Solve Apr 28, 2008

Group PTFs

Do you want to know what group PTFs are? Better yet, do you want to know which ones may be installed on your AS/400? Scott Ingvaldson explains what they are and why they exist, and best of all, where to find out ... Continue Reading


Get Started Sep 21, 2006

How to manage Lotus Notes groups with the Manage Groups tool

Learn how to manage Lotus Notes groups using the Manage Groups tool. Continue Reading


Manage Nov 06, 2001

Count the group members

Here's how to count the number of users in a group. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jul 23, 2001

Maintaining consistent group permissions

Maintaining consistent group permissions Continue Reading