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Problem Solve Nov 09, 2015

Developer shortage survival guide

This developer shortage survival guide discusses hiring and training strategies for software developers. Continue Reading


Manage Oct 05, 2015

CSA Guide to Cloud Computing

In this excerpt of CSA Guide to Cloud Computing, authors Rai Samani, Brian Honan and Jim Reavis review cloud security threats based on research by the CSA's Top Threats Working Group. Continue Reading


Nov 20, 2015

Global VAT guide for digital content

DLA Piper's Global VAT Guide offers valuable guidance to companies offering digital content, intangible services and rights across borders. Continue Reading


Manage Nov 18, 2015

Comprehensive guide to desktop monitoring tools

IT admins can identify the source of device and app problems using monitoring tools such as Windows Sysinternals and other offerings. Continue Reading


Nov 16, 2015

Essential guide to mobile application platforms

Mobile apps have come to dominate the experience of consumer smartphone users, and that trend is increasingly influencing corporate software development too. Employees on the move want to access key business ... Continue Reading


By Brad Irby Manage Sep 22, 2015

A guide to the dashboard development process

Brad Irby explains what developers need to know about the dashboard development process in order to keep users happy. Continue Reading


Evaluate Nov 06, 2015

Database security products: A buyer's guide

Learn how to evaluate and buy the right database security tools for your organization with this database security tool buyer's guide. Continue Reading


Get Started Oct 28, 2015

Data center metrics and standards guide

From energy use to server performance, data center metrics form a foundation for improving IT operations. Continue Reading


Evaluate Oct 27, 2015

Windows 10 guide to upgrades, compatibility and more

Between Cortana, the upgrade process, app compatibility and security questions, there is a lot to consider when it comes to thinking about making the leap to Windows 10. Continue Reading


News Oct 16, 2015

The ultimate guide to Dell's EMC acquisition

This guide to Dell's EMC acquisition covers all angles of the blockbuster deal -- from breaking news and expert feedback, to the long-term ramifications on the IT sector. Continue Reading