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Get Started Jul 22, 2015

Guide to examples of cloud in healthcare

Healthcare providers and vendors have to find common ground on costs and security for there to be an increase of the adoption of cloud in healthcare. Continue Reading


Get Started Jun 24, 2015

Virtual desktop security guide

To secure virtual desktops, consider antivirus, certificates and network vulnerabilities. Just remember, VDI doesn't always increase desktop security. Continue Reading


Get Started Jun 23, 2015

VDI pilot project guide

A VDI pilot project should start with a VDI project plan. Know what pitfalls to avoid and test product options to achieve a successful VDI implementation. Continue Reading


Jun 18, 2015

Guide to OpenStack storage

In this special report we look at the basics of OpenStack storage – Swift object storage and Cinder for block – as well as the alternatives to OpenStack that are available. Continue Reading


Jun 09, 2015

A guide to storage for desktop virtualisation

In this special report we explain the fundamentals of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) storage, and how to specify storage for workload in a VDI environment. Continue Reading


Jul 31, 2015

CW Buyer's Guide: DevOps

Computer Weekly looks at how combining development and operations teams can cut time and raise quality; how DevOps done well can lead to a continuous loop where teams plan, code, build, test, release, deploy, ... Continue Reading


Get Started Jul 28, 2015

Windows 10 guide for IT administrators

Windows 10 boasts of bevy of features, including Contiuum, Universal Windows apps, Cortana and improved security. Before you migrate to the latest OS, read up on what it has to offer. Continue Reading


News Jul 24, 2015

Essential Guide: The changing role of the CIO

In this Essential Guide, explore how business digitization, technology innovation and C-level engagement are changing the modern CIO's role. Continue Reading


May 30, 2015

A CIO guide to the service cloud

This is CIOs guide to the service cloud including everything you need to know about using cloud services. Continue Reading


May 30, 2015

A Guide to Software Defined Networks

Considering a Software Defined Network (SDN)? Find out everything you need to know in this guide. Continue Reading