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Nov 25, 2016

Threat management: Essential guide

Security is about reducing risk, while assessing risk is all about understanding the cyber threats facing the enterprise, which in turn is about recognising that not all threats are external and that threat ... Continue Reading


Nov 24, 2016

Essential guide to cloud management

A well-implemented cloud management strategy allows users to maintain control over public, private and hybrid clouds Continue Reading


Oct 14, 2016

Desktop Virtualisation: The Essential Guide

Desktop virtualisation, or virtual desktop infrastructure, has come of age, partly thanks to shifts in workplace practices. Employees are increasingly working remotely and need full access to corporate systems. It ... Continue Reading


Oct 10, 2016

Hybrid Flash: The Essential guide

Computer Weekly keeps its finger on the pulse in the world of data storage, with regular news, features and practical articles.This guide offers a comprehensive survey of the hybrid flash storage market. We give ... Continue Reading


Nov 25, 2016

EU data protection: Essential guide

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25 May 2018. GDPR will introduce new accountability obligations and stronger rights and restrictions on international data flows. ... Continue Reading


Nov 22, 2016

Mobile application platforms: Essential guide

One of the mantras of modern enterprise application development is that business applications should be as easy to use as mass market consumer applications. This is particularly relevant on smartphones where ... Continue Reading


Sep 28, 2016

Application Modernisation: The Essential Guide

One of the emerging trends is to engineer applications using microservices. Such an approach promotes developing and deploying applications that are composed of independent, autonomous, modular, self-contained ... Continue Reading


Get Started Nov 16, 2016

Key IT metrics: A CIO guide

As technology and the business evolve, so do IT metrics. In this Essential Guide, learn how to navigate KPIs, IT investment and cloud cost optimization techniques. Continue Reading


Oct 27, 2016

Maintaining cover: A guide to business insurance

Adam Bernstein discusses the ins and out of maintaining appropriate cover and the potential consequences of not meeting obligations to your insurer Continue Reading


Oct 24, 2016

Brexit and UK tech: Essential guide

In the immediate aftermath of the UK’s historic referendum vote to leave the European Union, Computer Weekly canvassed the advice and opinion of experts across the technology sector to assess the implications for ... Continue Reading