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News Mar 23, 2015

A guide to news and analysis from HIMSS 2015

More than 300 educational sessions -- including speeches, roundtable discussions and workshops -- await those attending HIMSS 2015. Continue Reading


Get Started Mar 13, 2015

A CIO's guide to cloud risk management

Cloud computing is rapidly evolving and spurring new concerns for the enterprise. This Essential Guide explores cloud risk management best practices and how to turn cloud risk into reward. Continue Reading


By Jacob Gsoedl Evaluate Feb 27, 2015

SAN system buying guide: The fundamentals

Use this guide to determine if a SAN is right for your environment, or if you should go with DAS or NAS. Continue Reading


Evaluate Feb 23, 2015

An enterprise guide to Microsoft Azure cloud

While Amazon Web Services is the reigning cloud king, Microsoft Azure is among the elite. Get to know Microsoft's cloud with this complete Azure guide. Continue Reading


Get Started Dec 23, 2014

Guide to cloud application testing

Learn how to manage and test cloud application in this essential guide. Continue Reading


Get Started Dec 16, 2014

Guide to SOA and the cloud

The cloud can benefit from certain aspects of SOA. Learn more in this essential guide to SOA and the cloud. Continue Reading


Evaluate Feb 12, 2015

A CIO's guide to SMAC strategy and governance

In this Essential Guide, explore the benefits of a SMAC strategy and get expert tips on SMAC governance best practices. Continue Reading


Get Started Jan 28, 2015

AWS vs. Google comparison guide

AWS and Google are slugging it out in the public cloud ring -- going blow for blow on price and features. How do they compare on performance and cost? Continue Reading


Evaluate Jan 28, 2015

Essential guide to hybrid flash arrays

Hybrid flash arrays are growing in popularity, surpassing all-flash. This essential guide dives into hybrid array use cases, tips and precautions. Continue Reading


Mar 27, 2015

A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to data science

In this 10-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how, with the open data movement taking hold and data analytics technology becoming increasingly sophisticated, data science is finding its use in a variety ... Continue Reading