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By Sean McGrath Feb 26, 2015

Lizard Squad hack Lenovo's website

PR nightmare continues as is hijacked by pesky Lizard Squad Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jan 23, 2015

US journalist jailed over Stratfor hacking

A US journalist and self-styled spokesman for the hacking collective Anonymous has been sentenced to five years in jail Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales News Dec 12, 2014

How is the Sony hack different from other attacks?

The Sony data breach marks a new and scary frontier in corporate cyberwarfare. Also in Searchlight: Apple and IBM alliance bears fruit; the downfall of Pirate Bay. Continue Reading


Sep 29, 2014

Hacking IT from the inside

In this week’s Computer Weekly, car giant Daimler talks about its IT security strategy and the benefits of having its own in-house hacking team. App developers are under fire for collecting too much personal data –... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jan 22, 2015

Minecraft developer Mojang not hacked, says Microsoft

Minecraft users were targeted directly to enable an online leak of personal details, not developer Mojang, says Microsoft Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Mar 30, 2015

British Airways rewards scheme hack highlights password problem

The hacking of British Airways’ executive club frequent flyer accounts shows the importance of using strong, unique passwords for all online accounts Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Jan 07, 2015

Sony CEO speaks out for first time since hack

Speaking at CES 2015, Kazuo Hirai addresses the 'most vicious and malicious cyber-attack in recent history' Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Mar 18, 2015

Premera hack exposes 11 million financial and medical records

US health insurance firm Premera Blue Cross reveals an IT systems breach, exposing financial and medical records of 11 million customers Continue Reading


By Sharon Shea News Oct 10, 2014

Are offensive hacking courses ethical? Debating the ethics of hacking

News roundup: Colleges across the country are offering courses in offensive hacking, but are they ethical? Plus: Why the first 'online murder' may happen in 2014; Palo Alto and NSS Labs make up; numerous Android ... Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Get Started Mar 16, 2015

Five network security lessons learned from the Sony Pictures hack

Following the Sony Pictures hack, several of the company's network security shortcomings were revealed. Expert Kevin Beaver explains how better network security may have prevented the extent of the breach. Continue Reading