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By Emma Preslar News Jul 25, 2013

Hadoop Summit 2013: Where is Apache Hadoop heading?

In a podcast, SearchDataManagement News Editor Jack Vaughan shares his thoughts and observations on Hadoop developments from the Hadoop Summit. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Evaluate Dec 11, 2013

Apache Hadoop applications: How to integrate Hadoop for mobile use

To meet the needs of mobile application development, existing Hadoop applications should be used. Continue Reading


May 18, 2012

Alternatives to DAS in Hadoop storage

Hadoop storage systems traditionally call for the strict use of embedded DAS for hardware-based storage within the Hadoop MapReduce framework. But alternatives exist. Continue Reading


Manage Jan 30, 2013

How is Hadoop infrastructure improving?

John Webster describes how changes to HDFS and the NameNode can help to improve Hadoop infrastructure. Continue Reading


Manage May 10, 2012

Understanding storage in the Hadoop cluster

Of all the ways to handle the storage requirements of 'big data' analytics, the Hadoop cluster is receiving the most attention. Find out why. Continue Reading


Manage May 09, 2013

Storage considerations for a Hadoop implementation

Storage Switzerland analyst Colm Keegan explains how to determine whether a SAN or NAS should be used as primary storage with Hadoop. Continue Reading

Sep 28, 2012

Apache Hadoop FAQ for BI professionals

Want to explore how Apache Hadoop can aid your BI / DW efforts? Get the most common questions about Hadoop answered in this tutorial. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan Evaluate Jun 30, 2014

SQL-on-Hadoop steps out front at Hadoop Summit 2014

This edition of the Talking Data Podcast takes a look at the recent Hadoop Summit 2014, where Hadoop shared the spotlight with SQL. Continue Reading


By Craig Stedman Get Started Mar 13, 2014

Hadoop 2 query: Less talk, more action with new Hadoop version?

For all the hype about Hadoop, adoption remains relatively low. But the Hadoop 2 release could give prospective users more reasons to move forward. Continue Reading


By John Webster Evaluate Nov 09, 2012

What to expect when using HDFS in Hadoop architecture

Analyst John Webster details issues with Hadoop architecture and what users can expect from Hadoop Version 2.0. Continue Reading