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By Ed Tittel ,Phillip Gervasi ,Alan R. Earls Evaluate May 16, 2016

Hardware vs. Software: The role of hardware in a software age

In this software age, is there any role left for hardware? In our three-part guide, our experts' response is a resounding, "yes." It may feel like this is the era of Continue Reading


Sep 26, 2016

Unprecedented hardware problem brings down Australian Stock Exchange

Financial regulator launches probe after hardware failure in main database led to problems for stock exchange market system Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Sep 22, 2016

Printer hardware sales continue to come under pressure

Printer hardware sales in EMEA did not have a great Q1 and according to Context that trend has continued into Q2 Continue Reading

Empower IT Infrastructure

Sponsored Jul 11, 2016

Hardware considerations for SAP HANA installations

Hardware options for in-memory database technology are quickly increasing as adopters demand optimum performance, reduced footprint, better efficiency and much more. Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Sep 10, 2016

Barracuda storage swims with hardware, software upgrades

Customers of Barracuda Networks just received some welcome news. In tandem with an upcoming software release, the backup specialist gave a 25% capacity boost to one of its midrange disk-based ... Continue Reading


By Robert Gates News Jul 08, 2016

How HPE's The Machine could fuel hardware engines

A new server architecture based around memory is still a work in progress, but IT pros and leaders at HPE see its value today coming from incremental advancements. Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Sep 01, 2016

Plexistor nonvolatile storage software gets wrapped in hardware

Plexistor unveils Persistent Memory over Fabric hardware bundles. The startup's storage-defined memory platform presents DRAM and nonvolatile storage in a single namespace. Continue Reading


By Amy Larsen DeCarlo Get Started Aug 19, 2016

Exploring the ins and outs of enterprise hardware pricing

Cloud computing has changed how businesses buy technology. How does the age of SaaS affect enterprise hardware pricing? Continue Reading


By Steve Zurier Manage Jun 01, 2016

In virtualized environments, importance of hardware remains

It's tempting to get swept up in the hype around software-defined everything and cloud mania, but even in virtualized environments, networking hardware is still critical. Continue Reading


By Alissa Irei News Jun 01, 2016

Role of hardware in networking remains critical

Will hardware in networking soon be "gone, but not forgotten"? Not a chance. Even in the era of software-defined everything, physical gear still matters. Continue Reading