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By Dan Sullivan Get Started May 02, 2016

How does Docker's hardware signing work?

Docker's recent upgrade introduced support for hardware signing and in the future, automated security analysis on Docker images. Expert Dan Sullivan goes over these new features. Continue Reading


By John Moore Evaluate Apr 28, 2016

Hyper-convergence infrastructure: CIOs mull hardware savings

Hyper-converged infrastructure may or may not cut hardware costs, but some CIOs and other industry executives suggest an emphasis on sticker price misses the point. Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Apr 25, 2016

Nexsan storage software brings Unity to its hardware

Unity software supports Nexsan with NST block devices, Assureon object storage and Transporter cloud sync functionality that it picked up from Connected Data. Continue Reading


By Ramin Edmond News Apr 06, 2016

Why BlackBerry won't save its hardware business

BlackBerry's phone business is struggling, and with a make-or-break deadline looming, history is not on the company's side. BlackBerry sold about 600,000 phones in the quarter ending Feb. 29, and ... Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Apr 01, 2016

Arista spine hardware aimed at largest data centers

Arista has introduced the 7500R series -- a suite of third-generation spine hardware that has a maximum capacity of 115 Tbps. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Mar 15, 2016

Microsoft open tech promises switch hardware independence

The latest Microsoft open tech takes the brains of data center networking out of proprietary switches and places it in hardware-agnostic software. Continue Reading


Manage Dec 18, 2015

Server uptime and hardware failure guide

Follow this guide to build server uptime into your data center, from facility redundancy to high availability virtualization to designed-to-fail architecture. Continue Reading


By Katherine Finnell News Feb 08, 2016

Logitech video conferencing hardware looks to fill a niche

Logitech has announced its newest line of conferencing hardware that aims to replace the laptop at the conference table and support video collaboration in meeting rooms. Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Apr 22, 2016

Promise Technology reveals VSkyCube hyper-converged hardware

Promise VSkyCube customers can start with one node and scale to 36 appliances per cluster. Small to medium-sized enterprises are the target audience. Continue Reading


By Rich Castagna News Sep 01, 2015

Commodity hardware is a myth

Software-defined storage vendors preach the concept of commodity storage hardware, but beware: the hardware is just as important as the apps. Continue Reading