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In information technology, hardware is the physical aspect of computers, telecommunications, and other ...Read More

Backup hardware devices: 2017 Products of the Year finalists

By Sonia Lelii 15 Jan 2018

Backup and disaster recovery hardware products that made the initial cut extend into the cloud and have more support for software-defined storage, data analytics and even tape. Read More

Video conference hardware simplified, affordable for huddle rooms

By David Maldow 09 Jan 2018

Video conferencing vendors have aimed to simplify deployments with cost-effective kits that include cameras and audio peripherals for small meeting rooms. Read More

Intel to set up new group to focus on hardware security

By Warwick Ashford 09 Jan 2018

Chip maker is reportedly planning to form a new group to focus on hardware security as it scrambles to limit the impact of recently discovered security flaws in chip designs Read More

How do you upgrade VM hardware, and what are the benefits?

By Vladan Seget 19 Dec 2017

You can set up your infrastructure to better take advantage of new technology in just a few steps. Perform a VM version upgrade to get the most out of what you have. Read More

Private cloud storage 101: Key components and hardware options

By Chris Evans 17 Jan 2018

Private cloud makes consumption of storage easier for the user and simplifies delivery for the IT department. We walk through the key components and the platform choices Read More

Storage roundtable: flash, hardware, and supporting the channel

By Simon Quicke 02 Nov 2017

MicroScope gathered together a group of storage industry representatives to discuss hardware, the growth of flash, and their channel strategies Read More

Network hardware components scrutinized as apps move to cloud

By Sandra Gittlen 01 Nov 2017

Networking pros make business-critical decisions about where to house their network hardware components -- on-premises or managed in a service provider's cloud. Read More

Will a lack of hardware knowledge lead to a DevOps doomsday?

By Bob Reselman 18 Dec 2017

DevOps professionals are highly detached from the big iron that drives their cloud-based data centers. Will this lack of hardware knowledge lead to a DevOps doomsday? Read More

Optimize your virtual machine hardware with these VMware best practices

By Vladan Seget 06 Dec 2017

Which VM hardware version you use and how you configure hardware components can affect performance in your VMware infrastructure. Use these best practices to stay on track. Read More

Apple hardware plans should benefit partners

By Simon Quicke 07 Jun 2017

The plans Apple is sharing at its developer conference should provide more opportunities for business partners Read More