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When should IT consider an outsourced help desk?

By Brien Posey 12 Dec 2017

Help desk services can be a drain on IT. Organizations that need new options can partially or completely outsource help desk services to make life easier. Read More

Developers won't ask bosses for help

By Zach Emmanuel 06 Sep 2017

Software developers are turning to YouTube to find out how to solve technical problems, rather than asking for help from colleagues Read More

Container consulting: Channel can help deploy technology

By Paul Korzeniowski 08 Dec 2017

Channel partners may find new business opportunities in container consulting as customers grapple with container adoption and how to achieve competitive advantage. Read More

Discovering what DevOps means through help wanted ads

By Scott Wallask 04 Dec 2017

Three companies searched for DevOps engineers -- and posted three different job descriptions. All of which illustrates the difficulty in defining DevOps. Read More

Recovery from ransomware: How backup vendors can help

By Alastair Cooke 04 Dec 2017

A ransomware attack is not your typical data loss event. Some data protection vendors get the picture and are incorporating ransomware-specific features in their products. Read More

Can gamification techniques help build cybersecurity skills?

By Mekhala Roy 30 Nov 2017

Interactive gamification techniques provide a fun, practical way to train employees and help them improve cybersecurity skills, says Cybrary COO Kathie Miley. Read More

How does material intensity help measure sustainability?

By Dave Turbide 22 Nov 2017

One important foundation of sustainability is using fewer materials and less energy. Using the material intensity measure can help determine the success of those reduction efforts. Read More

Team collaboration apps can help streamline communications

By Andrew Froehlich 07 Nov 2017

Organizations of all sizes and verticals can take advantage of cloud collaboration tools. The use cases provided here highlight the functionality these apps offer. Read More

Intelligent BPM helps connect ERP with other enterprise apps

By Christine Parizo 01 Nov 2017

As more enterprises seek to overlay iBPM atop ERP systems, experts recommend they target complex processes, modularize applications and avoid extensive ERP customization. Read More