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Evaluate Aug 22, 2016

How cloud helps alleviate mobile app development challenges

Learn about challenges in the mobile app development process and how the cloud helps mitigate them by offloading operational tasks and allowing staff to focus more on innovation. Continue Reading


By Frank Siemons Get Started Aug 17, 2016

How the cloud can help organizations with security log data

Organizations often have to deal with copious amounts of security log data and that can be challenging. Expert Frank Siemons explains how the cloud can help manage log data. Continue Reading


By John Moore Manage Aug 11, 2016

Credentialing process helps IT service providers differentiate

MSPs and other channel partners are pursuing rigorous audits and credentialing regimens as a way to stand out from their competitors in the IT services market. Continue Reading


By Jennifer English News Aug 05, 2016

New VMware tool helps track and manage certifications

In this SDN blog roundup, one networking pro looks at a new VMware tool for managing certifications, while another assesses new NFV-based managed security services. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Get Started Jul 27, 2016

How Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics helps secure Exchange

Advanced Threat Analytics uses self-learning algorithms to compare normal user behavior to what is currently happening in an Exchange environment. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Manage Jul 27, 2016

How can a vendor risk assessment help enterprise security?

Third-party vendors are necessary for organizations, but with them come more security risks. Expert Mike O. Villegas discusses how vendor risk assessments can help. Continue Reading


By Robin F. Goldsmith Manage Jul 26, 2016

How to make crowdsourced testing actually help the development process

The trouble with paying bug bounties to outsiders for testing help is doing so can create an adversarial relationship between developer and tester. Expert Robin Goldsmith offers advice. Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad Feb 12, 2016

GDS will help government departments to help themselves

Government digital chief Stephen Foreshew-Cain says GDS will provide the tools and support for departments to build services, but “won’t build them all” for them Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Jul 11, 2016

Could open source help kill piracy in Romania?

This is a special guest piece written for the Computer Weekly Open Source Inside blog by Romanian technology journalist Andrada Fiscutean. As part of various roles in her homeland, Fiscutean works ... Continue Reading


By Kurt Marko Evaluate Jul 08, 2016

Spark on AWS helps ignite big data workloads

Developers turn to Hadoop for big data workloads, and Spark is a particularly enticing Hadoop service on AWS. Spark teams up with Elastic MapReduce for fast processing and versatility. Continue Reading