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Smart home spending on the rise

By Simon Quicke 18 Jul 2017

Numbers from Context have revealed spending on smart homes should rise this year Read More

Navigating smart home device purchases for your home

By Rob Martens 06 Jun 2017

Explore five key criteria customers should consider when it comes to making smart home device purchases, including security and device dependence. Read More

Learn DevOps techniques in a home lab

28 Sep 2017

Not allowed to put work projects on GitHub? Want to run containers even though your company is still virtualizing servers? Get ahead with techniques and tools in a DevOps home lab. Read More

Home Office agrees back-office transformation deal

By Karl Flinders 12 Sep 2017

The Home Office is moving more of its back-office processes into the cloud Read More

Initial AI projects should home in on pain points

By Nicole Laskowski 08 Sep 2017

The hype around AI has reached decibel levels so high that CIOs may wonder why their organizations haven't pulled off a bonafide AI project. Whit Andrews, analyst and AI agenda manager at Gartner, ... Read More

Computer vision holds the key to the smartest home, literally

By Gideon Shmuel 01 Sep 2017

Adding computer vision into the smart home, advises Gideon Shmuel, can bring increased security, safety, comfort and entertainment to consumers. Read More

Russian Airline at home in the cloud

29 Mar 2017

S7 Airlines in Russia looks set to move more of its IT to the cloud after successful infrastructure-as-a-service project Read More

IBM’s Joanna Davinson to become new Home Office tech boss

By Lis Evenstad 20 Oct 2017

IBM executive to replace Sarah Wilkinson as chief digital, data and technology officer Read More

Alexa enters home automation

By Cliff Saran 03 Jan 2017

Alexa is Amazon’s intelligent voice service for the home. Computer Weekly explores its potential for home automation Read More

Preventing bot brawls in the connected home

By David Moss 27 Mar 2017

Bots can help companies apply ambient computing to smart devices, but before doing so the issue of bot brawls must be solved. Read More