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Manage Aug 20, 2001

HTML newsletters

This agent will allow you to create an email with HTML formatting as an attachment to your email message. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jul 03, 2001

Convert HTML to XML

You can use HTML and ASP coding to convert your HTML form entries to XML. Continue Reading


Manage May 13, 2002

Retrieve richtext field as HTML

Retrieve richtext field as HTML Continue Reading


By Stephanie Mann Evaluate Jul 19, 2012

HTML5 guide

HTML5 guide: The advent of HTML5 signals a new wave of Web programming methods, and a new slate of standards for enterprise application development. Continue Reading


News May 14, 2004

HTML cheat sheet

This is a really cool cheat sheet if you're looking to learn more about HTML. You'll find just about everything you every wanted to know about HTML tags here. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jan 25, 2004

Formatting HTML and XML

Viewing the source of aspx pages, especially with datagrid or datalist controls on them, can be frustrating because of the way the HTML is formatted. Continue Reading


By Margaret Jones Evaluate Dec 16, 2014

Pitfalls of HTML5 clients

Using an HTML5 client to access a virtual desktop isn't for everyone. Workers who need high-resolution graphics or use Web apps that require local access could experience decreased performance. Continue Reading


May 07, 2004


Don't want to give developers access to your databases? This script can help you push them updates via HTML instead. Continue Reading


Problem solve Apr 25, 2003

HTML from DOS batch

Instead of echoing plain text to an output file, echo HTML code which can be loaded into a Web page on the fly. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 06, 2005

HTML signature maker

This tip is an easy way to create an HTML signature file that shows a graphic and a link to a Web page. Continue Reading