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HTML5: HTML 5 is a revision of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the standard programming language for ...

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By Margaret Jones Evaluate Dec 16, 2014

Pitfalls of HTML5 clients

Using an HTML5 client to access a virtual desktop isn't for everyone. Workers who need high-resolution graphics or use Web apps that require local access could experience decreased performance. Continue Reading


By Margaret Jones Manage Dec 04, 2014

Making the case for HTML5 clients

HTML5 clients have improved significantly since their inception. With better protocols and GPU acceleration, device-agnostic HTML5 is a good option for enterprise users to access remote desktops and applications. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Get Started Jan 29, 2015

Rise to the challenges in using HTML5 for mobile apps

Developers and architects should know the benefits and limitations of HTML5 for mobile apps. Starting with this tip could be a good first step. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jan 08, 2015

10 reasons why HTML5 implementation should happen now

Learn the top 10 reasons why HTML5 implementation should be your next Web development project. Continue Reading


By Geoffrey Bock Evaluate Jan 06, 2015

How is HTML5 shaping Web experiences?

HTML5 is changing Web content management, helping website developers more easily build a rich user experience. What are some of the pros and cons of using HTML5 for Web development? Continue Reading


Get Started Jan 09, 2015

The 10 most common and avoidable HTML5 mistakes

Learn about the 10 most common and most avoidable HTML5 mistakes and how best to avoid them. Continue Reading


Evaluate Oct 23, 2014

Why choose native over HTML 5 in Android development?

Author Barry Burd discusses native coding versus HTML 5 and hybrid in Android development. Continue Reading


By Alan Arthur Katz Get Started Sep 08, 2014

Improvements in HTML5 features push migration

Organizations that don't make a bee line to HTML5 won't have access to a dynamic range of audio and video features. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Evaluate Aug 28, 2014

Mobile HTML5 remains relevant, but faces challenges

Enterprise architects need to add mobile HTML5 to their repertoire if it isn't already there, as more organizations aim to leverage the technology. Continue Reading


Get Started Aug 14, 2014

HTML5 tools and semantic elements analyzed and explained

HTML5 is still a bit of a mystery for some developers. In this tip, developers can learn about the latest in HTML technology, then find a tool or tool criteria that will help them utilize HTML5. Continue Reading