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HTML5: HTML 5 is a revision of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the standard programming language for ...

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By Stephanie Mann Evaluate Jul 19, 2012

HTML5 guide

HTML5 guide: The advent of HTML5 signals a new wave of Web programming methods, and a new slate of standards for enterprise application development. Continue Reading


By Sander Van Vugt Get started Nov 07, 2013

Understanding the HTML5 standard

Vendors are implementing HTML5 to take advantage of improved compatibility despite the fact that the standard won't be final until late 2014. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Problem solve Apr 30, 2012

HTML5 security: Will HTML5 replace Flash and increase Web security?

Will HTML5 replace Flash? Expert Michael Cobb discusses whether HTML5 security is better than Flash, and why HTML5 traffic can be harder to secure. Continue Reading


Manage Jan 20, 2011

HTML 5 nears completion: What is happening to HTML?

HTML 5 is nearing completion. After a decade of relative stability for Web authors, it looks like we are headed for another period of dramatic change. Continue Reading


Mar 02, 2012

Is Java ready for HTML5?

How quickly will Java developers be able to develop HTML5-ready server-side applications? Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Problem solve May 05, 2010

HTML 5 features present new security risks

Find out why new HTML 5 features are going to represent a new opportunity for malware writers. Continue Reading


By Jenny Williams Jun 25, 2012

HTML5: The end of native apps?

Will the platform-agnostic common language HTML5 force apps from the device to the web? Continue Reading


By Alan Arthur Katz Get started Sep 08, 2014

Improvements in HTML5 features push migration

Organizations that don't make a bee line to HTML5 won't have access to a dynamic range of audio and video features. Continue Reading


Apr 06, 2012

Pros and cons of HTML5 for business

HTML5 brings business benefits but also challenges. How will the new HTML standard effect businesses, developers and consumers? Continue Reading


Evaluate Feb 13, 2013

Why native mobile apps are better than HTML5 apps

Should mobile apps be implemented using HTML5 or native code? Here, a look at why native apps may be a better solution than HTML5 apps. Continue Reading