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Conversations: Creating backup using Hyper-V snapshot

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By Greg Shields Feb 11, 2010

Hyper-V backup mistakes to avoid

Virtualisation complicates the server backup process. Here are six VM backup mistakes you should avoid to eliminate headaches and reduce VM downtime when backing up Hyper-V. Continue Reading


By David Davis Manage Aug 02, 2013

Configuring Hyper-V storage

New storage features in Windows Server and Hyper-V make storage configuration and maintenance easier for Microsoft–based virtual environments. Continue Reading


May 22, 2012

Microsoft Hyper-V backup strategy and best practices

In this podcast we outline how to approach a Hyper-V backup strategy and highlight a few best practices that could mean the difference between success and failure in Hyper-V backup. Continue Reading


Get started Jul 01, 2008

Microsoft Hyper-V Guide

Hypervisor-based virtualization in Microsoft's newest offering promises features that will enhance virtual infrastructures. Learn more about the new virtualization platform in this introductory guide to Hyper-V. Continue Reading


By Mike Laverick Problem solve Jun 28, 2008

Hyper-V is RTM…

As you have probably heard, Microsoft’s long awaited dabbling in virtualization has finally been released.This is an assessment of Hyper-V and its impact Continue Reading


By Greg Shields Manage Feb 03, 2009

Disaster recovery strategies for Hyper-V

If you don't know about Hyper-V's disaster recovery technologies, you should. An expert explains how to develop a Hyper-V business continuity strategy. Continue Reading


By Nirmal Sharma Evaluate Aug 11, 2014

When to host applications in Microsoft Hyper-V Replica

Hyper-V Replica keeps tabs on the changes that are made on a virtual machine and is able to copy them to a replica server, but only at certain time intervals. This tip reveals which situations are best suited to ... Continue Reading


Feb 20, 2009

Running Hyper-V on Server Core

This screencast explains why Server Core is the ideal platform for the Hyper-V role in Windows 2008, and breaks down how to prepare it for Hyper-V deployment. Continue Reading


Sep 02, 2009

Switching from VMware to Hyper-V

Roger Johnson, an enterprise systems group team leader at Crutchfield, explains why he switched from VMware to Hyper-V. Continue Reading


Apr 18, 2008

Installing Microsoft Hyper-V: A screencast

Watch this screencast and learn exactly how to install Microsoft Hyper-V using Microsoft Windows Server 2008. Continue Reading