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By Bryan Glick News Nov 21, 2016

What’s going on at DWP Digital?

Dear readers, I'd like to ask for your opinion. Let me tell you a story. In late October, I was approached by a whistleblower in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This individual, who ... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Aug 23, 2013

London council gets £70,000 penalty for data breach

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) serves Islington Council with penalty of £70,000 for releasing over 2,000 residents’ details online Continue Reading


By Mark Ballard Aug 16, 2013

Less than 1% of Universal Credit IT spend goes to SMEs

Despite a 25% target, less than 1% of IT spending for government’s flagship Universal Credit programme has gone to small businesses Continue Reading


By Philip Virgo News Jan 19, 2012

How and why BDUK turned gold into dross and stuffed DCMS

The recent haemorrhage of talent and expertise from Whitehall greatly increases the risk of central diktat over-riding local common sense. That is not to say "Town Hall good, Whitehall bad". it, ... Continue Reading


By Bryan Glick Nov 05, 2014

Government open standards - the curious case of Microsoft and the minister

What role, if any, did science minister David Willetts take in helping Microsoft try to overturn government IT policy? Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Manage Oct 09, 2014

Hacking forensics: Windows command-line tools for the modern era

It's a fact of life: Windows systems get hacked. In this tip, expert Nick Lewis discusses multiple Windows command-line tools to help enterprises discover if their system has been compromised. Continue Reading


Manage Nov 19, 2001

XSL FO get "Real"

New standards and tools that make XML development easier. Continue Reading


Jan 07, 2013

Business priorities: what to protect, monitor and test

How information security professionals can prioritise what to protect, monitor and test in the light of current budget and resource constraints Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran News Aug 14, 2009

Virgin 50 meg Broadband - Hows it going?

I know, it's been an age, and I have been very remiss. So how have things been going for me and my super fast connection? Continue Reading


Problem Solve Feb 14, 2011

IT checklist for IFRS conversion

Is your company part of phase 1 of IFRS conversion? This IT checklist will help Indian CIOs in their IFRS conversion efforts Continue Reading