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By George Lawton Manage Mar 13, 2015

Best practices for implementing BRM

BRM is being leveraged by enterprises in order to enhance agility and communication. Continue Reading


Feb 03, 2015

How to implement risk-based security

Implement a simple process to identify, analyse and prioritise risk without significant investment in time or money Continue Reading


By George Lawton Manage Feb 27, 2015

Implementing security operations management in AWS

Developers put security second in the software development process. SecOps rolls the continuous threat testing and monitoring makes it a priority. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Donnell News Apr 24, 2015

Report shows increased failure rates for ERP implementations

The 2015 ERP report from Panorama Consulting Solutions also shows SAP outpacing Oracle and Microsoft on buyer shortlists. Continue Reading


By Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D. Get Started Feb 19, 2015

Five steps to implementing an MDM program

Instituting a master data management program involves discovery, analysis, construction, implementation and sustainment processes, according to MDM expert Anne Marie Smith. Continue Reading


By Mike Jude Manage Apr 03, 2015

Is big data implementation always a custom project?

An expert says it's important to figure out your big data objectives before purchasing hardware or software from a vendor. Continue Reading


By Albert McKeon Mar 31, 2015

Implementing human resources analytics less daunting with these steps

Overcome common hurdles by evaluating workforce analytics capabilities and unifying HR analytics strategies. Continue Reading


By Todd Knapp Get Started Mar 27, 2015

Right and wrong ways to implement cloud-based desktops

If your DaaS deployment has a direct connection with the provider, you could have some of the same issues a branch would. But if you need to scale or breakdown siloes quickly, cloud-based desktops could be right ... Continue Reading


Evaluate Mar 27, 2015

Buying human resources software: The implementation phase

In this fourth article of a seven-part series on buying HR software, two experts suggest which questions to ask before implementing your software. Continue Reading


By Katherine Finnell News Mar 11, 2015

News recap: 2015 global SDN implementations vary

In telecom news, IDT Telecom is the first U.S. carrier to directly connect to Cuba after the FCC approved its Cuba telecom deal; meanwhile a new TechTarget survey found differences in SDN implementations by region. Continue Reading