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Implementation is the execution of any idea, model, or method; in IT, it refers to the process of ...Read More

How to avoid pitfalls when implementing microservices

By Jan Stafford 13 Nov 2017

What can go wrong when migrating to microservices? Plenty, experts say in this article about implementing microservices and its technical and cultural consequences. Read More

Edge computing and AI: From theory to implementation

By Ken Figueredo 15 Nov 2017

AI and edge computing are hot topics, but real-world implementations aren't as simple as they might sound. More With Mobile's Ken Figueredo explains. Read More

Private cloud implementation guide

16 Aug 2017

Wondering how to pull off a private cloud deployment? Plan ahead, design for the future and make sure you have built up the right knowledge base. Read More

How to implement an SDN training strategy

By Andrew Froehlich 03 Aug 2017

Each organization approaches SDN training with its own strategy depending on its motivation and requirements. Here are some pointers to consider. Read More

Three ransomware backup best practices to implement

By Brien Posey 20 Nov 2017

Data backups are not invincible to threats, and ransomware is no exception to that rule. Backups may help to reverse the damage done by an attack, but that's not their only use. Read More

Preparation vital to implementing enterprise wearable technology

By Mekhala Roy 17 Nov 2017

Integration of enterprise wearable technology can help companies achieve a variety of IT process goals, but experts say it's vital to develop exactly what these goals are first. Read More

HRMS implementation strategies for small business

25 Aug 2017

Here's how small business can stay competitive and benefit from an HRMS implementation, despite challenges, such as limited resources and technical expertise. Read More

Top 5 EMM implementation considerations

By Jack Gold 21 Aug 2017

The wrong move can make or break your enterprise mobility management implementation. Broad device support, automated enrollment and single sign-on are must-have features. Read More

Better Tableau implementation gives BI dashboards a boost

By Ed Burns 19 Oct 2017

Building good Tableau dashboards is about more than just pretty visualizations. Users say the process should incorporate strong data management practices and a sharp business strategy. Read More

Is data-centric security worth the implementation challenge?

By Jaikumar Vijayan 02 Oct 2017

Exponential data growth, damaging breach incidents and upcoming regulations are heightening the need for end-to-end security with data at its core. Read More