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implementation: Implementation is the execution of any idea, model, or method; in IT, it refers to the process of ...

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Manage Jun 30, 2015


By Brad Irby Manage Jul 14, 2015

How to implement dependency injection in existing apps

Adapting an existing app to dependency injection is worth the effort, according to an expert. Follow these tips to make the process go smoothly. Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne Evaluate May 22, 2015

Implementing AWS security best practices

AWS has improved its security features and offers a slew of resources for hardening its cloud. But admins still play a part in preventing breaches. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Manage Mar 13, 2015

Best practices for implementing BRM

BRM is being leveraged by enterprises in order to enhance agility and communication. Continue Reading


Get Started Jun 30, 2015

How to implement a successful SaaS business model

Software as a service can yield huge profit margins, but it also requires careful planning. Get expert tips on how to develop your SaaS business model with this guide. Continue Reading


Feb 03, 2015

How to implement risk-based security

Implement a simple process to identify, analyse and prioritise risk without significant investment in time or money Continue Reading


By Mary E. Shacklett Evaluate Jun 17, 2015

Before implementing ERP, understand its many components

ERP systems have numerous components, functions and ways to be deployed. Expert Mary Shacklett explains the ins and outs of implementing ERP. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow ,Meredith Courtemanche Get Started Jun 01, 2015

Use cases for implementing a converged infrastructure product

An organization can dramatically upgrade its data center by taking the converged infrastructure (CI) path. Working with a CI vendor eliminates significant hassles by bundling compute, storage and networking ... Continue Reading


By Terri McClure Problem Solve Jul 30, 2015

Five enterprise sync-and-share implementation pitfalls to avoid

Some of the biggest hurdles when it comes to using enterprise file sync-and-share applications can arise during the initial rollout. Continue Reading


By Jon Arnold Evaluate May 14, 2015

How challenging is implementing BYOD in a UC environment?

What are some challenges of implementing BYOD in a UC environment? UC expert Jon Arnold explains the three high-level challenges organizations face with BYOD. Continue Reading