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How Microsoft uses secure enclaves to improve cloud security

By Rob Shapland 13 Dec 2017

The use of secure enclaves in the Microsoft Azure confidential computing update aims to improve cloud storage security. Expert Rob Shapland explains how it works. Read More

AWS security services expand, but still room for improvement

By Trevor Jones 12 Dec 2017

AWS security tools got a boost from GuardDuty and IoT Device Defender, but the vendor still has work to do to provide a full security portfolio to meet enterprise needs. Read More

What is a Helm Chart and how can it improve microservices?

By Kenneth Milberg 11 Dec 2017

Learn about Helm Charts and how Kubernetes supports a microservices architecture. Expert Ken Milberg discusses what you need to know before delving in. Read More

DHS cyberinsurance research could improve security

By Michael Heller 03 Oct 2017

A longitudinal cyberinsurance study performed by the Department of Homeland Security could improve enterprise security but the effects depend on the data collected, said experts. Read More

Government urged to improve redress for mass data breaches

By Warwick Ashford 22 Nov 2017

Open letter calls for UK government to make it easier for consumers to get compensation for mass data breaches by implementing an effective system for collective redress Read More

Not all organisations improving defences after Petya

By Warwick Ashford 14 Jul 2017

A survey of IT leaders worldwide reveals that not all organisations are planning to improve their cyber defences in the wake of the Petya attacks Read More

Improve access to data with efficient healthcare infrastructure

By Kristen Lee 20 Nov 2017

An efficient healthcare infrastructure can help organizations integrate systems and enable better access to data. An expert explains the key components needed to make this happen. Read More

Data skills could improve employment options as AI accelerates

By Cliff Saran 15 Nov 2017

House of Lords artificial intelligence select committee hears evidence on societal risks of AI, data, life-long learning and the changing role of white-collar workers Read More

Remediation engine to improve Nyansa Voyance network monitoring

By Antone Gonsalves 10 Nov 2017

New remediation engine in Nyansa Voyance flags the cause of network troubles and recommends changes to correct it. Other improvements include more syslog data for better analytics. Read More

How people analytics tools can improve talent management

By Albert McKeon 02 Nov 2017

People analytics is not a substitute for strategy or critical thinking. But with the right measurements in place, companies can use data to improve talent management on every level. Read More