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information: Information is stimuli that has meaning in some context for its receiver.

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Aug 26, 2016

Information technology skills guide

Author and IT consultant, Terry Critchley, looks at potential solutions to the apparent skills crisis facing the IT industry, in this special guide for Computer Weekly Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Sep 15, 2016

Cabinet Office role in information security in government not clear

The UK government has work to do to reduce complexity of security policies, according to the NAO Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Get Started Jul 12, 2016

Best practices for an information security assessment

Information security assessments can be effective for identifying and fixing issues in your enterprise's policies. Expert Kevin Beaver explains the key components of the process. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Problem Solve Jul 08, 2016

How to achieve interoperability of health information systems

Creating interoperability of health information systems is harder than it needs to be, a group of experts says. Here are the solutions they think will work. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jun 28, 2016

Brexit: Information security professionals not too concerned

Brexit will present some cyber security challenges – but it will be largely business as usual, say information security professionals Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner News Jun 01, 2016

ONC pushes vendors to disclose information

Moves by federal health regulators to pressure EHR vendors to reveal more information about pricing and functionality of their software are meeting a mixed response. ONC, at its annual meeting this ... Continue Reading


Manage Aug 08, 2016

Data provenance and the profitability of well-governed information

Information governance expert Jeffrey Ritter explains how businesses can gain profit and operate more efficiently by understanding their data provenance. Continue Reading


By Sarah Wilson News Aug 04, 2016

A site devoted to converged infrastructure market information

Join us in our launch of SearchConvergedInfrastructure, a TechTarget site dedicated to providing IT professionals with news, tips and features on converged technologies. Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani Manage Feb 04, 2016

Fight threats to information security: Inform your people

Instilling an organizational culture to combat the swarm of threats to information security could prove to be the best defense. Continue Reading


By Marissa Comeau Get Started Jul 22, 2016

Get a leg up in the information technology industry with these tips

The information technology industry is an innovative and exciting place, but also highly competitive. Learn what it takes to become a gainfully employed IT expert with these tips. Continue Reading