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information: Information is stimuli that has meaning in some context for its receiver.

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Get Started Jan 29, 2008

Personal information management: Finding information -- again

Learn how personal information management makes finding and re-finding information easier, in this free chapter download. Continue Reading


News Oct 12, 2005

When is Information Quality NOT Information Quality?

The application of quality management principles is required for true information quality. Continue Reading


By Barney Beal News Mar 08, 2005

The democratization of information

Firms embracing the latest in Business Intelligence need to create an "information democracy" amidst the rapidly evolving BI market, according to speakers at the Gartner BI Summit. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jul 27, 2004

Standardizing information classification

Learn more about standardizing information classification. Continue Reading


News Sep 03, 2004

CEELOCT and CEEDATE information

CEELOCT and CEEDATE information Continue Reading


By Claudia Imhoff News Jun 11, 2002

Corporate Information Factory (CIF)

Corporate Information Factory (CIF) Continue Reading


Jan 18, 2008

Information assurance: Dependability and security of networked information systems

Learn how information assurance involves efforts from both dependability and security areas of networked information systems, in this free chapter download. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 12, 2006

Information security: A strategic approach

Read this excerpt from Information Security: A Strategic Approach for insight and information on information security strategy best practices. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Manage Apr 06, 2004

VCards and contact information in XML

A look at how to encode contact information in XML. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jan 05, 2001

Checking the Information Store

How to defragment the information store to free up disk space. Continue Reading