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information: Information is stimuli that has meaning in some context for its receiver.

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Manage Apr 09, 2015

Information managers: Embrace the information management chaos

The volume and velocity of data is exploding. Information managers have to accept the reality of the situation to get a handle on it. Continue Reading


Mar 13, 2015

Information security in the retail chain

This article in our Royal Holloway Information Security Thesis Series looks at how automated distribution centres play a business-critical role in the retail supply chain, and any challenge to their continuous ... Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Apr 16, 2015

HSBC customer mortgage information exposed

HSBC is informing some customers in the US that their mortgage account information was inadvertently made accessible via the internet Continue Reading


By Shawn Shell Manage Apr 10, 2015

Security controls move to information assets

Repository-level security is too imprecise to protect sensitive information from accidental leaks and intentional breaches. A composite of controls starting at the content level may be the answer. Continue Reading


By Laurence Hart News Mar 19, 2015

The Clinton email brouhaha and information governance

Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email account raises information governance issues that need to be addressed. Continue Reading


Manage Dec 15, 2014

The Basics of Information Security

In this excerpt of The Basics of Information Security, author Jason Andress outlines methods for improving operating systems security. Continue Reading


By Mike Matchett Get Started Apr 14, 2015

Data lakes swim with golden information for analytics

First we had data. Then we had big data. Now we have data lakes. Will the murky depths prove bountiful? Continue Reading


By Scott Wallask News Apr 10, 2015

ONC rebukes information blocking on eve of HIMSS 2015

Released just ahead of HIMSS 2015, ONC's report to Congress details how unnamed vendors and providers are curtailing EHR interoperability. Continue Reading


By Steve Signoff Get Started Apr 09, 2015

Omnichannel customer experience takes aim at information silos

Companies still struggle to join multiple communication channels to create a seamless experience for customers, whether it's that be for shopping or sales or service. Continue Reading


By Alan R. Earls News Apr 01, 2015

Information security jobs unfilled as labor pains grow

Why cybersecurity hiring is the real cyberwar. Continue Reading