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information: Information is stimuli that has meaning in some context for its receiver.

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News Sep 03, 2004

CEELOCT and CEEDATE information

CEELOCT and CEEDATE information Continue Reading


By Claudia Imhoff News Jun 11, 2002

Corporate Information Factory (CIF)

Corporate Information Factory (CIF) Continue Reading


Get started Jan 29, 2008

Personal information management: Finding information -- again

Learn how personal information management makes finding and re-finding information easier, in this free chapter download. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jul 27, 2004

Standardizing information classification

Learn more about standardizing information classification. Continue Reading


Problem solve Aug 07, 2003

Retrieving QDLS information

Retrieving QDLS document information just got easier. Continue Reading


News Oct 12, 2005

When is Information Quality NOT Information Quality?

The application of quality management principles is required for true information quality. Continue Reading


Aug 21, 2007

Managing the information maze

Information management (IM) has become an industry buzzword for the consolidation of information anything - information governance, information architecture, information integration. Executives find themselves ... Continue Reading


By Emily McLaughlin Manage May 01, 2014

Digital information age informs GRC management

In this #GRCchat recap, participants discuss how governance challenges in the digital information age influence companies' GRC management strategy. Continue Reading


By Ira Winkler Problem solve Oct 27, 2004

Regulating information security

Ira discusses the benefits of regulating information security. Continue Reading


Apr 17, 2003

NHS chooses information providers

The National Health Service has signed up three information providers to create a new national health information extranet. Continue Reading